Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Boot camp can hurt you!

Me: I have a rug burn on my tailbone. (seeking sympathy of course)
Rick: From situps?
Me: Yes! How did you know?
Rick: I had one too one time. Also from boot camp but mine was 30 years ago. Only the sergeant was in my face yelling at me and calling me names. Real boot camp, air force style.
Me: Oh. Well my guy doesn't like to yell so much as he likes to share recipes.
Rick: Yeah just a little different.

Last week in boot camp, I came away with bloody knuckles from boxing. Today, well.... I have a rug burn on my tailbone from all the sit ups. I only did 100 sit ups but it left a mark! OUCH! I got in the shower at LFT, the minute the water hit my backside... what the ?!? I am missing skin. So wrong! Still loving boot camp though :)

Shall I impress you with what I had for dinner tonight? cookies. Seriously. Who does that? Ok, maybe buddy the elf. I am pretty sure sugar is not at the top of any healthy person's food pyramid! ESPECIALLY since I vowed to cutback on sugar last night after watching The Biggest Loser (while eating doritos, of course).

I am working on my mental attitude about running distance on Saturday. Yep, I am going for 20 miles. In a row. If you don't hear from me, I might be passed out on the side of the road somewhere. I'm just saying....

I gave in to the masses and updated my facebook page. I am not sure I "get it" as I much prefer to drone on and on about my daily doings on this site but I can see where it could be good to connect with friends, share photos (assumig I actually take some from time to time ...) and scheduling events. It is pretty addictive, I just pryed my fingers away from it after a couple of hours. ARGH... Darn you facebook creators! :)


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Rub burns from sittups? Likely story. ;-) Seriously, that's committment! A few cookies and doritos from time to time never hurt nobody! Oh, and you're on facebook too? I don't get it at all, truthfully.

Karen said...

Yeah the facebook thing is kind of a mystery to me. Good to connect with people I haven't talked to in a while but you don't really say much. I am giving it a try.