Tuesday, July 5, 2011

June Rewind ...

I have seen this on a few blogs so forgive me for grabbing the idea and using it myself. Sometimes being original isn't all it is cracked up to be. :) Time is flying by... Halfway through 2011. WOW. Don’t worry there is still time to get a gift for my half birthday on July 11th. Ha ha.

Miles covered by land, bike and pool: 293.5

Run Miles: 51.3

Bike Miles: 227.1

Swim Yardage: 26,838.8

Tennis Matches: 5 (several of which were before or after runs and bike rides – they count as brick workouts, right?)

Current Book: American Wife. I am enjoying it but it goes into some details that borderline on a romance novel which really isn’t my favorite type of book to read. Knowing that the book is supposedly very loosely based on George and Laura Bush kind of distracts from the story for me because I keep picturing them as the main characters. Like I said, I am enjoying it, it just took me a while to get into it. I am also listening to Bossy Pants by Tina Fey on audio while I run. It got me through 10 miles last Friday afternoon so I will call it a win. Funny as you would expect. I hate that the audio is only a little over 5 hours long as it will end after 2 long runs.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Caramel Coast Ice Cream (Publix brand). I die.

Current Drink: Water. I know. So very trendsetting.

Current Goal: Keeping my eyes on Augusta. 10 weeks out. No real time goal at this point. This may be more of a “be proud that I finished” type race instead of any particular time. I might be able to zone in on a time as I get closer. Estimating the bike leg is a little bit of a wild guess at this point.

Current Blessing: I had a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders at the end of May / early June so it is nice to be living a lot less stress free these days.

Current Excitement: The Chattanooga Olympic Triathlon on Sunday! This one is a girl’s trip. I have done a few sprints but never an Olympic distance. The race has quite a few participants as it is a USAT national qualifier. I am hoping the size of the event doesn’t freak me out. A little nervous, a little excited. Eek!

Obsession of the month: Peanut butter protein balls.

Current admission: I know this goes against all things bloggy but I don’t get the obsession with overnight oats. I have made them so many different ways. Maybe they just aren’t for me.

Indulgence of the month: Aerobars for my bike. I have had them for a few weeks now but really have not given them much use. I practiced more with them on my last ride. As I get more comfortable riding in general, I can see them being a big help. Mainly, I had not used them because riding on the hills I am always changing gears so in my mind I would be constantly getting in an out of aero. I figured out this week that I don’t have to completely get up off the aerobars to reach over and change gears (duh). Now that I have that figured out I think I can use them a bit more. I guess some things you just have to figure out for yourself…

Current wish list: still need a working oven. Hopefully soon …

Triumph of the Month: Longer rides on the bike. Getting from where I was to where I am now feels huge!

Current Bane of my Existence: washing all the workout clothes!


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

I hear you on the workout clothes laundry. It feels endless. Good luck on Sunday!!

Jennifer said...

Great for you getting the extra bike miles! Cool blog format, may just have to do it. Cheers!

Colleen said...

This is a super great idea! :) I love it!

So exciting about the race this weekend! And yay for the aerobars!

Ewa said...

Caramel Coast Ice Cream (Publix brand). - I am so glad I am done with my errands for today. :)
Hey, seems you had a great month.

ajh said...

We don't have Publix or I would be on my way to buy that ice cream. I read that book and liked it okay. I have not read the Tina Fey one. Would be good to listen to while running. Glad to hear a weight was lifted. Heavy stress is no fun.

Amanda said...

That's a fun post. You've done some great things this year and you have so much more coming up. I'm still in awe at all the things that you manage to do every week - amazing.

That ice cream sounds yummy - good thing there are no Publix here in AZ :)!

I am in total agreement on the workout clothes laundry - yikes!

Julie said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say hi!

I don't get into my aerobars as much as I should. I admit I use them more as an aero water bottle holder than for their real use, but I'm getting much more comfortable in them now. I just practice a little bit more on each ride.