Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A little Boot Camp Therapy...

This morning I made it to boot camp! Hooray for me for actually rolling out of bed. I was at the point where I knew if I didn't go I was going to be in a fitness rut and didn't want to undo all the work I had put in over the past several months. That and I have a mini-triathlon over the weekend....

Had a great time at boot camp and even got out in time to grab some Starbucks & oatmeal with my gift card I was given for being an awesome boss :) On top of all that I wheeled in to work by 8:00. Perfect! Shortly after arriving at work, I had a mini phone therapy session with my very lovely and sweet soon-to-be stepmother and am feeling back to normal.

Today was a long day at work, ending with a phone call with a client we have in Guam. I only mention it because it was 8:00 AM for them and 6:00 PM for me. They sounded like they were right next door (ain't modern technology great?) but unfortunately were in no hurry to get down to business since they were just starting the day. There is talk of someone going out there for training. If it is me, I hope I don't gt a middle seat in coach for that flight!

At the flying pig, they are doing some kind of cross promotion with a local gym called a Pump N Run. I am not certain what the entire deal is but basically you enter this contest and see how many bench presses you can do and then they combine that with your race time to come up with a winner. It is charity thing so am thinking of doing it. For my age group, I have to bench press 50% of my weight (with an option to add on 30% of my weight in curls after the bench press). For a gold medal, you have to do 30, silver is 20 and a bronze is 10. All this take places at the expo pre-race. Sounds kind of fun or least challenging to see how much I can do.

On tap for tomorrow... I am hitting the pool in the AM. I can't remember the last time I did a lap workout so am going to give it a go tomorrow to make sure I still know how to swim after so long out of the pool. The mini tri on Sunday is around a 500 (you swim as far as you can in 10 minutes) so shouldn't be a big deal. In the evening I have a doubles tennis match with my friend Joan. The first match of our new T2 league season.

Have a great Thursday!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like my kind of Tri--as far as you can in 10 minutes :)
Goodluck and have fun!

Lindsay said...

are you going to be using any particular training plan for augusta or do you have a friend/mentor helping you out with workouts? i know you haven't officially started training yet but just wondering what your plans were. curious some more :)

am workout + starbucks, sounds like a great start to the day. not so sure about flying over to guam, but i'm sure it'd be an experience if you did go. i think you could rock the 'pump' competition. i'm hoping to make it to the pig to watch at least part of the race - i have friends coming up for the derby that weekend and don't know if they will be willing to go watch a random marathon though... hopefully i can talk them into it!