Friday, May 1, 2009

off to the PIG...

I leave tomorrow bright and early in a germ filled aluminum tube lovely Delta jet for Cincinnati. Yesterday, the weather was calling for sun, today it is a 50% chance of rain. Either way, I am prepared. Luckily, if you can call it that, one of my half marathons was drizzly rain the whole way. While I know it isn't my favorite weather condition to run in, I am pretty sure I won't melt and the rain might actually feel good! I have decided to stalk the pace group, I just need to pick which one. I may go conservative and do the 4:20 group for this run even thought "the calculator" said I should be able to do 4:02.

I think the thing I am most looking forward to is just lounging around the hotel catching up on rest before and after. I have no big plans to tour the city, I truly just want to relax and enjoy having nothing on the agenda outside of the expo and the run.

Good luck to my ALTA team who will be competing in the playoffs Saturday and Sunday and the various bloggy peeps who are doing triathlons this weekend! I will catch up with all of you next week!

Have a great weekend :)


Kevin said...

Good luck have a great race. Congrats on your AG win at the indoor tri. I saw that when I was looking through the results. Way to go

Lindsay said...

good luck today!! hope you get tons of post-race relaxation in.