Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting it done...

This morning I noticed a new sign placed in the restroom area at Lifetime Fitness. The sign reads simply “Ladies, Don’t Color Your Hair”. Underneath the words is a picture of a woman applying hair color with a big red circle and a slash through it. It made me laugh out loud. I wonder if Lifetime is trying to get the ladies to embrace their natural state of being and the hair color given to them by God or is this an attempt to keep the crazies from creating a big mess by asking them to color their hair at home. Methinks it is the latter.

I had a fantastic workout this morning of which I am quite proud. So proud, I decided to share it with the blog community obviously. :) My first source of pride is in just getting up on time. I worked last night and did not get home until 10:00 which meant a whirlwind event of getting my bag together for the gym, tennis after work, throw together breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks and get in bed. I managed to get all this done by 10:30. Do not ask me how…My alarm goes off at 4:44 so score one point for getting up and out the door. (I have a nap planned between work and tennis tonight!)

I hit the gym at 5:45, and went through the following workout (partially borrowed from fitnessista, check out her blog on my sidebar).

5 minute cardio warmup
Seated row (12 reps x 3)
Lat pulldown (12 reps x 3)
Stability Ball Ys (12 reps x 3)
Stability Ball Ts (12 reps x 3)
21s (3 reps)
Stability Ball Crunches (50)
Oblique V ups (25 each side)
Back Extensions (12 x 3)
Hammer Curls (12 x3)
2.25 mile run

Once I got past the self consciousness (which lasted all of about 2 seconds), I was good to go. Source of pride number two, I got over myself. Easier said than done sometimes, wouldn’t you agree?

It was actually a tough workout. By the time I was done I really felt like I had pushed myself which is something I had been lacking lately. Ready to take on the rest of the day! Tennis tonight and then do it all again tomorrow …


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great workout to me!

Teamarcia said...

Good for you! Getting up at that ungodly hour is victory enough I think!

AZ said...

"Ladies, don't color your hair" that's a good one. Lifetime is looking out for your natural appearance.

Unknown said...

It does feel good to push yourself, great job!

Jennifer said...

You crack me up! Kudos for "getting over yourself"! Keep up the hard work!

Debbie said...

Great workout! I might try that myself!

San said...

4:44 AM. You are my hero!

Keep going girl.

ShirleyPerly said...

Way to go on your workout!

I can't believe there's really a need for such a sign. Some people are so inconsiderate, it seems!