Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making Changes...

Every single year I procrastinate on my taxes. I actually filled them out online in February but for some reason chose not to hit "send" until tonight. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. Hopefully, everything is in order. Normally, we have someone do our taxes for us but this year decided we could do it ourselves (and by OURSELVES I mean me). If I do go to prison for some major tax error at least I can catch up on my reading and get in a regular workout everyday, right?

To make up for me not really sticking to my lenten promise of giving up sweets I am getting a do-over in the form of a Three Change Challenge. The idea is to make 3 small changes to break out of a rut and change your patterns. Check it out over on Run to Finish.. For my three changes, I am going to:

1. Give up Diet Soda. (really... this is my coffee so not as easy as it sounds)
2. Stop obsessively checking e-mail. Every 4 hours should be PLENTY.
3. Bring lunch every day to work. I am actually decent at this one. My issue is I bring it and then decide I would rather have something else.

So those are my three. In true procrastion form, I am starting off tomorrow. In my defense, by the time I read the post on RTF, I had already downed a soda and checked my email 18 times so I might as well start clean slate tomorrow. Here. we. go.

After all, how could you not want to eat homemade lunch? Check out the awesome Tuna Salad combo I made today. It is spicy asian tuna salad with a recipe borrowed from Lifetime Fitness. I will post it soon. Really different. Really yummy.

Workouts this week included bootcamp (oh how I love thee...) and tennis. I have been working in short distance runs. I am back into working up my mileage now for my upcoming events and really looking forward to getting in some longer distance runs. My plan is to do them at some of the local parks that I haven't been to before for a change of pace. New scenery and all.

Have a great evening!


Ewa said...

We are about to hit our send button too.
Your lunch picture makes me hungry.
As for checking e-mails every few minutes... guilty as charged. There is a reason I am not investing in iphone or any such smart device. I would be checking my e-mails on my runs.

AZ said...

Yes, another one to leave the soft drinks behind. Honestly, people would feel so much better if they substituted water for all the soda that they drink.

I have to say I hate taxes. Don't mind paying my fair share but hate the complexity, the cheating, the misspending...

Anonymous said...

When I used to work, I remember bringing my lunch and then at lunchtime hearing where people were going to eat and thinking it sounded so much better than what I made for lunch! Good luck on your changes!!

San said...

Hahaha, you crack me up.

The taxes, yep, procrastination at this side of the ocean too. I've got everything together, I just have to fill the stuff and send it off. Mmh maybe next week.

Three Changes Challenge sounds great but wouldn't be working for me, because I always do the opposite of what I say I'll. In any case, thumbs up for you girl. You rock.

Have a great weekend.

Cheers, San

Jennifer said...

Yes, raw veggies! Good for the body and soul....I need to get better at the lunch thing too, it's hard with a busy schedule. Have a great weekend!

Jill said...

I had someone do our taxes for a couple years and then decided to do it and have done now for 4 year and every year I am scared that I will make a mistake. But hey good point...prison...I could read, workout...Solitary confinment...Could I have a week please?

RunToTheFinish said...

OH the EMAIL!!! Yes, that's why one of my things is no phone near the bed. Seriously it was out of control...and let's be honest i'm just not that important

Patrick Mahoney said...

I'd like to join you on 1 & 3. Am not even going to try #2.