Friday, December 16, 2011

of modems, psychics and soggy banana bread...

I should not have spoken badly about internet explorer yesterday. Hours after posting about it, my modem died under mysterious circumstances. Oh, the far reaching power of IE.

My ability as an *almost* psychic continues to hold true. You may remember that I had a dream about my ironman finish time which ended up being about 2 minutes off my actual time. Well, yesterday, they were drawing names for gift cards at work. I was trying to employ “the secret” to have my name drawn (you know that whole Oprah focus on what you want and it will happen thing). Well, they drew a Karen it just wasn’t me. I feel like my psychic tuner needs a retune. I wonder if I can pick one up at the store along with my new modem?

What does everyone have going on this weekend? I need to get in an 18 mile run in preparation for my January marathon and then am doing a 5k in North GA on Sunday. The 5k has only one hill but the hill is three miles long. Supposedly at the top of the mountain, there is vegetable soup and banana bread served up as post race treats. My main question is this… if we are running 3 miles UP the mountain, am I going to have to run 3 miles DOWN to get back to my car (or is that lazy thinking)? I just don’t want my soup sloshing around and getting my banana bread all soggy on the way back :)

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Don't forget to join in on KDUB's 70.3 Birthday Challenge if you haven't already!


KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

hey, if you lived closer, i'd come out and run some of that 18 miler with you only b/c i want some of that banana bread!
i understand the almost psychic thing that you speak of except mine are not usually on the positive side so I try my best to quell that part of my brain most of the time.
I'm definitely in on the KDUB B-day challenge!! Been meaning to tell you that after I read the original post.

Beth said...

haha, that is quite a psychic ability! Maybe focus a little bit more next time and they'll get the right Karen :)

Laura said...

Just found your blog... yes, I always try to get my long runs in before the holiday week starts, to make sure it's done. So one for me tomorrow, too! We're also taking my daughter to a 'cmas in the park' which has camel rides?? Should be interesting. :)

Suz and Allan said...

Have a great weekend Karen!

Amanda said...

Hope your weekend went well.

Health issues caused some havoc on me this weekend so I didn't get anything I needed to get done done in terms of miles...Oh well, there's always this week right?

At least back to the car would be down instead of up and who knows - maybe soup soaked banana bread is good - okay, maybe not :)!

Carolina John said...

So how did the 5k go? My long run was only 12, but it went good. and that was all that happened this weekend that I can mention in public.

Unknown said...

Wow... sounds to be like you are totally psychic, even if they picked another Karen! At least the name was right!

Good luck with the run this weekend. nothing worse than soggy banana bread! :)