Friday, May 4, 2012

April Re-Cap...

In April, I feel like I did more biking than usual which is a good thing!  Running is paying the price but I am sure it will all come full circle in May...  Technically, I did double my mileage from March but it still isn't really adding up to much.  I am not all that worried about it right now.

Running Miles: 48.75 miles.

Cycling Miles: 155.5 miles. 

Swimming Yardage: 21,210. (it is an odd number because I swim in a 25m pool and the program I use to log my workouts coverts the meters to yards)  We have a new swim coach who quickly realized we are able to swim a good bit more than 2000m in an hour which is what we had been swimming.  I was glad to see the yardage go up.

Races: I rode in two charity rides this month, the Tony Serrano Ride and the One Can Ride.  Both were great experiences and will pencil them in for next year.  I met a new friend on the One Can Ride and we are planning more rides in the future.  I also got to do the Dirty Girl Mud Run last weekend which was a muddy blast as well!
What I did to bust out of my comfort zone: Two charity rides.  I also FINALLY met up with my tri group and my tri mentor for a group ride at Stone Mountain and an OWS.  We did a bunch of hill repeats on the ride and was glad I went as I have ridden at Sotne Mountain many times before but would have never thought of doing hill repeats.  (I mean, who does that on purpose, right? ha ha)

What I am watching: Revenge is back!  Also still watching Smash.  Quite shocked by the new turn of events at the end of this week's episode....  I have to say I am kind of over American Idol right now.  CR and I used to watch it religiously.  This season is just kind of blah.  I have to say I don't really care...  Is it just me? 

What I am reading: Finished Catching Fire and I've Got Your Number.  Both fun reads.  Nothing new yet as I literally just finished the last book at lunch today.
Current excitement: Looking forward to riding the Iron Girl course this weekend with friends and then racing Iron Girl on May 20th.  Also doing a century ride at the end of the month and meet up with more friends.  Riding, riding, riding.  I think this time last year I was just figuring out how to not have a death grip on the bike and still getting used to unclipping.  No joke.
What I am loving this month: Still getting motivated by all the race reports, makes me wish some of my bigger races weren't so far away!  I am also loving that the contract on my phone is up this month.  Time for a new one.  WOO HOO! 

My favorite product this month: Tri Slide.  I got to use it for the first time at an OWS with my tri group a few weeks ago.  That stuff WORKS.  My wetsuit was MUCH easier to get off than normal.  I had my doubts, but am a believer!

What is going on in May:

- Iron Girl, May 20
- Century Ride in Hartwell GA May 26

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Good luck to all the racers at IM St. George and Rev 3 Knoxville!


Kate Geisen said...

Sounds like things are pretty great!

You've definitely come a long way on the bike in the past year. :)

ajh said...

Okay I have a question. Do you wear your tri outfit under a wet suit or a bathing suit and then throw on the tri outfit at transition. I thought it was the tri outfit until someone made me question this.

Ransick said...

Nice workouts for April! Race season is definitely here. Yikes!

Char said...

What a good solid month of training. I honestly don't know how you triathletes do it - dividing up your training time between three events and trying to master all of them.

Bluegrass Tri Chick said...

Hope to meet you at the Irongirl!!

Unknown said...

I loooove my tri slide! :)

Sounds like you had a great month! So glad that we finally got to meet too!

Ann said...

GREAT JOB with the workouts!!! :)

Amanda said...

Great month.

Still loving SMASH and totally agree on American Idol!