Wednesday, June 19, 2013

IM Louisville Training Week 14...

Felt good to hit all the workouts this week.  I am struggling a little bit with the long runs lately.  I haven't been that great with the nutrition while running so I think that has something to do with it.  This week I ran at an odd time of day and then didn't gel up like I should have (not sure what I was thinking there ...).  Someone who had done Louisville before posted some advice on FB to run in the afternoon on a route with no shade to get ready.  I have done the mid-afternoon thing but haven't done it in full sun yet.  Maybe next week...   Baby steps :)

Week 14

Rest Day.

Swim (PM)  3000 meters.  
Bike (PM)  26 miles. 
Crossfit (PM)

Can't remember why I did everything back to back this particular day.  I think I might have gotten up late.  Oh well, we'll call it a brick workout :)

Run:  (AM) 6.55 miles

Run (AM):  5 miles
Bike (PM)  21 miles 
Crossfit (PM)  

Swim (AM):  2000m   Loved this swim!  Shorter distance and I had time to hang out in the outdoor hot tub post swim before heading to work.  LOVED!


Bike:  102 miles - Jackson County Brevet!

Run:  14.25 Miles.  Alpharetta Greenway.  I actually saw my cousin and her family out there which is incredibly random since neither one of us really live near there and I haven't seen her in 6 or 7 years.  


Matthew Smith said...

I've been trying to run in the heat too, and it is brutal! But, as Tom Kingery says, "If you do that you'll run by the walking dead in Louisville!" I hope that is the case.

Nice work on hitting all your workouts! You're going to be so ready come race day. Way to go, and keep up the good work!

ajh said...

Hot tub after a swim equals love in my book too.

Ransick said...

Nice long ride and run on the weekend! You must be starving.