Tuesday, January 17, 2012

KDUB's 70.3 Birthday Challenge The Results...

The inaugural KDUB 70.3 Birthday Challenge was my way to get everyone (me) back into the groove of swim/bike/run training after the holidays (and maybe a way to burn off some birthday cake).

Swim 1.2 miles! Bike 56 miles! Run 13.1 miles! Brag for the rest of the month!

Twenty athletes answered the call and BROUGHT IT between January 1st and January 11th for a chance at fame, fortune and yet-to-be-purchased prizes. They came from all walks of life and experience levels to burn out their quads in pursuit of the goal. Some said it was too easy (“ain’t nothing but a thang, I eat iron for breakfast, I got this. BIG TIME.”), others weren’t sure there were enough hours in the day (“you know I have 8 kids, three jobs and I haven’t swam since 3rd grade, right?”), but everyone gave it their best. The horn sounded at 12:01 on the 1st, and the race was on!

Beth was 1st out of the water followed by KDub and KC close behind. They passed through the time portal of the non-existent transition and were off on the bikes! KC made her way to the front in a bid for total domination followed by Laura in 2nd and Christine flying in for 3rd place. Bikes were racked in no time and they were off on the run. After battling through the cold, wind and freak rain storm on the race course, KC held on to her lead and did a double back handspring through the finishing tape. Laura didn't have time for fancy tricks as she was simply sprinting to the end in an effort to catch KC. Jason gained some ground on the run by carrying his own fuel and took home 3rd and oddly enough changed hats three times during the finish line interview.

I would like to thank everyone for their participation in this race, I was overwhelmed by the support and hope it got you off to a great start for 2012! A list of all participants and their finish times are at the bottom of the post.

As for the prizes…. I ended up with a random assortment of cool treats for my two winners that I drew at random out of all participants.

Drumroll please …… Our two prize winners are:

Tilt your head to the side...

Congratulations, Christine and Beth! Send me your mailing address and I will get your treats shipped to you!

Overall Results:

Swim 0:37:00 Bike 2:33:00 Run 1:42:00 TOTAL 4:52:00

Swim 0:49:00 Bike 2:34:00 Run 1:54:00 TOTAL 5:17:00

Swim 0:45:00 Bike 3:06:00 Run 1:54:00 TOTAL 5:45:00

Swim 0:36:00 Bike 3:05:00 Run 2:05:00 TOTAL 5:46:00

Swim 0:54:00 Bike 2:36:00 Run 2:18:00 TOTAL 5:48:00

Swim 0:42:00 Bike 3:07:00 Run 2:01:00 TOTAL 5:50:00

Swim 0:44:00 Bike 3:24:00 Run 1:57:00 TOTAL 6:05:00

Swim 1:35:00 Bike 2:12:00 Run 2:19:00 TOTAL 6:06:00

Swim 0:34:00 Bike 3:40:00 Run 2:06:00 TOTAL 6:20:00

Swim 0:44:00 Bike 3:32:00 Run 2:08:00 TOTAL 6:24:00

Swim 1:20:00 Bike 3:40:00 Run 2:21:00 TOTAL 7:21:00

Swim 0:58:00 Bike 3:50:00 Run 2:46:00 TOTAL 7:34:00

Swim 0:42:00 Bike 4:48:00 Run 2:10:00 TOTAL 7:40:00

Super Kate
Swim 0:57:00 Bike 4:34:00 Run 3:21:00 TOTAL 8:52:00

Kim M
Swim 0:00:00 Bike 0:00:00 Run 0:00:00 TOTAL 0:00:00

Carolina John
Swim 0:00:00 Bike 0:00:00 Run 0:00:00 TOTAL 0:00:00

Kim R
Bike 3:10:00 Run 2:09:00 TOTAL 5:19:00 Duathlon

Swim 1:10:00 Bike 3:40:00 Run 0:57:00 TOTAL 5:47:00 (other)

Swim 0:54:00 Bike 3:12:00 Run 2:07:00 TOTAL 6:13:00 (other)

Swim 1:06:00 Bike 4:09:00 Run 2:14:00 TOTAL 7:29:00 (other)

I had to rely on my math skills for some of the times if you provided more than 70.3 miles worth of information. (in case you were wondering…) Not to worry as math is my specialty :)

I didn’t have times for a couple of people although they did send in sheets with their mileage which is why they show 0 for times. If you have any questions about their speediness, let me tell you they are fast! Speaking of F.A.S.T., John just broke through the 4 hour marathon wall this past weekend! Not to worry, all were included in the prize drawing, times or no times.


lindsay said...

what a good turnout! love the 'race recap'. congrats to all!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

that was truly a blast! thanks for suggesting such a creative way to celebrate your b-day. no joke, knowing that i HAD to get that swim in really helped get me back in the pool sooner rather than later, so thank you! congrats to Christine and Beth!

(christine) said...

Woohoo!! I'm excited to have won something. Even more excited that your challenge broke my fear swimming laps and sharing lanes :) an email with my address is on the way, Thanks!

Amanda said...

That is so awesome - congrats to everyone for participating. I had to do the Dopey Challenge and I have no pool access so I was sort of out this time, but I am super excited to see how awesome you all are!!!!

Beth said...

Thanks! It was fun having a reason to log all those miles that wasn't 5 months away :) I'll send you my address in the morning!

Colleen said...

Such a great write up!

Mike said...

Thanks for letting me play along! Glad I was faster than those that didn't post any times :-).

Carolina John said...

Yea I missed the time component. oops.

Laura said...

Thanks again for hosting... this was so much fun!!

Suz and Allan said...

Great job everyone and congrats to Beth and Christine!

Run with Jess said...

I really enjoyed this challenge! thank you!

Jason said...

That was a great race recap. Finishing 3rd to KC and Laura isn't so bad and a podium slot in the K-Dub 70.3 Challenge is a great way to start the year.

I will be back next year to try and get ahead of KC and Laura

Congrats to Christine and Beth.