Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a few things you might not know...

10 years ago I was....
Desperately trying to finish my undergrad degree after 10 years of trying. I was a non-traditional student, working full time, taking a few classes here and there until I finally made it to the end. I had 1 month to go so truth be told was coasting to a much anticipated finish. Thank God I had to presence of mind to jump right into graduate school or I might still be trying to finish that today! (The graduate degree only took 2 years much to my relief!)

5 things on my to-do list today...
Sigh, what isn't on my to-do list?
1. Clean the house! Seriously, do you think I have time to clean with all the running and tennis? ha.
2. Start studying for my PHR exam. (It is a human resources certification - I passed the test once and then failed to keep up with the continuing ed credits to avoid another test due to a change in my job responsibilities. The test is in January.)
3. Make a cake to take to work on Friday for Halloween "treat day". (Basically, an excuse for everyone to eat alllllll daaaaaaay loooooonnnnnng at work. I am making red velvet cake - yummers!).
4. Get my workout bag ready for in the morning, my tennis bag ready for tomorrow night and food for breakfast and dinner packed and ready to go tomorrow AM - a nightly ritual.
5. Catch up on Tivo (My favorite device of all time!)

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire...
1. Pay off my student loans (yes, 10 years later...)
2. Invest some cash for a rainy day (booooring, but necessary!)
3. Buy Rick a red, ZR1 corvette
4. Go to France with my friend Theresa and drag her over to England with me for a side trip.
5. Learn how to be a massage therapist. Just cuz.

5 places I have lived... (prepare to be dazzled by my ability to stay in one place - ha! Even the spots in Georgia where I have lived are all within about 10 miles of each other)
1. Georgia
2. Mississippi (for all of 3-4 months as a child)
3. Georgia
4. Georgia
5. Georgia

5 jobs I have had...
1. Burger King (I ran the hamburger side because the cheeseburger side was for more advanced employees. I do not miss smelling like a french fry when I leave work - or at least I don't think I smelled like a fry when I left work today...)
2. Target (formerly Richway - I still love that store...)
3. Chuck E. Cheese / Showbiz Pizza (occasionally, I dressed up like Billy Bob the Bear for kid's parties)
4. Mitchell Formalwear (I spent 1 day there steam pressing bar codes on their entire inventory of tuxedo jackets - the temp agency forgot to tell me to "dress down" so I was in a dress and heels. You can imagine.)
5. and then I moved into the upscale world of banking where I reside today :)

So... on tap for tomorrow, a 6 mile run in the AM and a tennis match tomorrow night. I *think* I might do the 10 mile run put on by the Atlanta Track Club on Saturday which will help force me to get my long run in for the weekend. It is 5 minutes from my house as opposed to the 10K I was thinking about which is more than an hour away. I do have fond feelings about Callaway Gardens though, it is where I was when Elvis died. Why I remember that, I DO NOT know. I was 8, we had spent the day at circus camp flying on the trapeze. My sister face planted on the sidewalk as we were running back to the cabin my aunt and uncle had rented. Ouch! I remember my aunt gasping when they announced it on the news. It obviously made some sort of impression on me. Anyhoo.... I might not make the pilgrimage this Saturday after all but I have not 100% decided yet. It does sound like a cool run through the Christmas lights.

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Mary Elizabeth (MErider) said...

Hey, I got "clean the house" off my to do list, and if I can do it, I know you can! ;-) I, too, would love to learn massage therapy, just cuz, although if I won the lottery, I'd just hire my own massage therapist for daily massages! :-)