Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 6 or thereabouts...

Where is my instant gratification? Where are my results? Ha... Now I remember why I have a hard time sticking with a nutrition plan! I must have instant feedback which, in this case, would be on the scale or my clothes. Patience, grasshopper!

Not much to tell. My workout today consisted of trying to build my heart rate base. Two minutes in zone 2, one minute in zone three and repeat for an hour. This was on the treadmill as there is no way I could manage that outside.

Food-wise, it seems like I am eating a lot of food. I am eating every two hours which is pretty normal for me but I guess it is just that I am consciously thinking about what I can and cannot eat and trying to work in certain amounts of veggies, fruits. grains, etc. each day that makes it seem like a lot. So far, the veggies seem to be the one that I am lacking by the end of the day. Not surprising as they are the least convenient thing to bring with me to work. In general, they are not as portable as an orange or a banana. I have had a few moments of good Karen versus bad Karen as I look longingly at the hershey kisses with almonds in my candy dish at work. I can honestly say I have resisted - not a single tiny chocolate, almondy morsel has passed these lips! sigh.... I am allowed a cheat meal once a week. This week, I might have to go for pizza!

Tonight, the plan is to load up my calendar with my tri training plans. My first one is 12 weeks out - time to hit the pool again. I definitely have some two-a-day workouts in my future. This is where the nutrition gets tricky for me. Knowing when to eat and how much so I have enough energy to complete the workouts.

Tomorrow is boot camp in the AM and an "active recovery" FLU workout (treadmill for 60 minutes in zone 1 which basically amounts to walking slowly) in the PM followed by our weekly weigh in. I am not sure if I have lost anything or not. My goal was only to lose .75 pounds so how can you really tell?

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Kevin said...

Be patient, and all this smart training will surely pay off