Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day one is just about in the books...

I started off with an early morning workout. It really is the best time to hit the gym, very few people there, your choice of machines. In the morning most people are in a hurry trying to get a workout, get dressed and get to work. Speaking of getting dressed at the gym... Have I mentioned thong lady? Yes, she gets completely dressed from the waist up and then puts her makeup on and dries her hair whilst wearing a thong. Lets just say she isn't the body type you might expect. The funny part is that she bends over and dries her hair upside down in front of the mirror. Put a towel on sister! But I digress....

I worked on varying between zones 2 and 3 today in my run. It really is quite the art to keep the pace down just enough so you stay in zone 2 or up just enough to maintain zone 3. The bonus is the treadmill normally is a snoozer but by alternating every 2 minutes, you are preoccupied with watching the timer and before you know it, you are done! I ended up burning exactly 400 calories... Ok it was 397 so I walked until I hit 400. I am a little OCD that way. 400 calories and 4.5 miles.

On the food front... excellent work today and it was not without some effort on my part! Every blue moon, one of the local temp agencies will drop by and bring treats for me trying to bribe me into using their services. (OK, if I was in the market for a temp that ploy would work but unfortunately for them we aren't in need of temps right now). Anyhoo... these visits are so few and far between I can't even remember the last time they stopped by to see me. Wouldn't you know they popped in today, bearing gifts. Sigh.... a box of hand dipped cherries. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU COULDN'T HAVE COME YESTERDAY??? What luck. I donated the chocolates to friends and ate my orange instead. I cannot tell you how hard that was to give up.

My score for day one: A+

Tomorrow: Boot camp in the AM and then a 30 minutes endurance test in the afternoon. Might go see "he's just not that into you" afterwards - cannot wait!

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Lauren Starks said...

excellent job on the workout. i'm curious to see your progress with the FLU thing?

How did you get selected for that?