Saturday, September 19, 2009

a whole lotta rain...

More like a torrential downpour really. The picture doesn't do it justice. One of those rains where you can't step foot out of your car or house without a complete soaking. It has been raining like that here since Wednesday or so and is projected for more of the same for the next week. CRAZY! Who is building an ark? I need to reserve a spot on it!

I am not opposed to running in the rain. If the rain is more of a drizzle and not a soaker to the point where I would have to wear a jacket, I am all about it. Today was not a light rain drizzle running kind of day. Too bad. I had planned to get in at least 10 miles today at Stone Mountain. I had. I am not lying. :)

After screwing around on facebook for way too long, I motivated myself to the gym to get in a treadmill run. I actually have run 15 miles on a treadmill before when I was on a marathon schedule and needed the mileage. Today was not that day. I was thankful for two things today (there are others but these are the two that came to mind first). One, I am thankful I have access to a treadmill to get a run in at all and, two, I am thankful I am not trying to build mileage for a marathon or I would be testing my mental endurance on that treadmill as we speak. (unrealted. EVERY time I type the word 'marathon', I accidentally type it as 'marathong' first. what is up with that?)

Going to the gym worked out great as I got to do a 5-mile interval workout varying between 2 minutes in HR zone 2 and 1 minute in HR zone 3. It is next to impossible for me to do that on the road so it was a good excuse to get a good HR based workout in the books.

While I was there I saw three different people that I have not seen in months. I really need to try and work in a Saturday trip to the gym more often. One of my friends just started taking swimming lessons 4 weeks ago. She previously did not know how to swim and cranked out a 400 this morning before I ran into her in the locker room. Very impressive! Her long term goal is an ironman. If anyone can do it, I do believe she could.

The only downside to the gym was I realized I forgot to bring a shirt to put on post-shower. I hate to brag but I sweat A LOT. Putting on a sweaty shirt after a nice shower is not one of my favorite things to do. Again, not bragging but the stinkiness of it was offending me, I can only imaginge th pain of those around me :) The stench did not keep me from the grocery store but I did choose to go to a store other than my "regular" place. I have an image to maintain and all. Or maybe not...


Kevin said...

I am really getting tired of this rain. It needs to just go away.

A treadmill can be great for intervals.

Hmm, someone apparently has thong on the brain?

AZ said...

Eeew, I've had to do that sweaty shirt after a shower thing. Not fun.

A marathon in a thong???

Lindsay said...

i definitely fall under the insane category of running too many miles on the treadmill, but some days are a lot harder than others. nice job making the most of the weather & treadmill to get in a good, alternate workout!