Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Double Dippin'...

I penciled in the training schedule for the 70.3 in my calendar yesterday. I came to several conclusions after seeing it all on paper:

1. I am going to be very tired for most of August and September.

2. I am likely also going to have lost some of my charm during August and September due to reasons listed in bullet number one.

3. It will totally be worth it to do an Ironman 70.3.

Seriously. the schedule calls for more than a few two-a-day workouts. There are also several weeks that go by without a day off from a workout of some sort. I have a mix of excitement and nervousness about it. I know I can do the workouts. It is going to require so much organization to get it all in before and after work. Not so much organization in the workout but with food for the day since I will be leaving early in the morning and coming home later on workdays. I am used to some of that with tennis but not for an extended period of time. Bring on the challenge!

I have had two days in a row of two-a-day workouts thus far as a test. So far so good :) Today was swim with masters in the AM. A weird workout of butterfly and speed sets. Our coach is a sick, sick person. The second workout today was the workout I am coaching for my tri club at the pool. Normally, I wouldn't do swim workouts a day but that is just the way my masters group and my tri group collide so I will make it work.

Tonight, I went to the local county pool just to see what the crowd was like at the time we do our session. We aren't really starting coaching for another 2 weeks but he wanted to work out so I was glad to see him. We talked about his goals for the tri season and how much (or as it turns out how little) he had been working out and then we hit the pool. I would say he is pretty typical of our group. Mostly beginning swimmers. They can swim a few laps just fine but need help with technique. Can't wait to get the rest of the group together! The pool has a nice 1.5 mile running trail right outside so we can do some brick workouts after our Tuesday swims. Double the fun, right? Bring on Augusta!


RockStarTri said...

The biggest challenges for training for longer races are nutrition and recovery. I strongly suggest to schedule a rest day per week. Good luck on your quest!

Amanda said...

I haven't done two a day workouts in a while, but I did them for almost a year a couple of years ago - tough stuff, but you'll do great!!!

I love that the excitement has set in and you're looking forward to the challenge.

Jennifer said...

I think this is exciting and great. It will be so worth it, even if you are a bit cranky. I mean after all you will be doing the bulk of your training during the HOTTEST months in the south...;o)

Lindsay said...

i like the idea of 2 or 3 a days... in my demented brain, but when it comes down to it i am too lazy to follow through.

conquer them for me! then i won't even have to workout once a day... ooh this will be nice.

Unknown said...

Soon enough, two a days will be second nature. Just be careful with no rest days. I know we sometimes fall into the "well a slow swim counts as a rest" but with the long sessions, you will need a few absolutely nothing days! :)

Very exciting!