Friday, April 8, 2011

One Lazy Friday...

CR's schedule at work is that of a person in retail. His days off tend to be some random day in the middle of the week and rarely weekends. I am gone well before he gets up during the week, he gets home as I am going to bed. The alternative was when he didn't have a job for a little over a year and was home all the time so I guess being ships that pass in the night will have to do. When he gets his schedule in advance, I try to rearrange my plans where I can to be at home when he is off work. This week, I decided to take a vacation day so we could spend the day together.

We have no real plans. So far, it has consisted of me making him breakfast (or maybe it was brunch). His request? Burgers and fries. A little odd but if that is what he wants... I passed on the burgers for a more normal breakfast of grits and eggs. :)

We are headed to see The King's Speech later this afternoon. Yes, we are behind the times. I have been dying to see this for a while now. I got a living social or groupon deal (can't remember which) a little while ago. The deal was 2 tickets for $9 so off we go (as soon as I locate that email with the coupon...).

Sometime today, I am also going to spend my leisure time browsing the 4all site. I have been asked to pick an outfit from the New Orleans or London collection. Help me out... which one do you like?

Have a great day!


Johann said...

Lazy Fridays are great! I've just finished work for the week and now it's on to the weekend! Have a good one!

Jennifer said...

I am almost finshed with work. I so want a lazy Friday but I have "other" work to be done at home. Have a super weekend!

Amanda said...

I could use a lazy Friday or any day really :)!

Hope you enjoyed the movie!

Black Knight said...

Lazy Friday is wonderful. For me that is the best day because I work half day and I have all the week end off!
Burger and fries are a very good dish.
Have a good week.

Kim at TennisFixation said...

I would love to know which outfit you ended up picking. I went with the London orchid colored tank and plaid tennis skirt, thinking I can wear the tank with the black & white New Orleans skort. Post pics of your outfit soon!