Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bird Rescue League

Spring has sprung in the yard! Nearly every day when I drive up bunnies are in the yard. Apparently the birdhouse my Aunt Brenda installed is fully occupied with birds so they have taken to building a nest in the framework of the truck. I heard little chirps and went to investigate. Low and behold two baby birds in a nest in the corner of the frame. They can't exactly live in the truck body so I decided to move the nest (I know probably a bad idea!). When I made the reach for the nest, the more agile bird flew to the nearest branch. The nest sort of fell apart at that point. I put the remnants in a shoe box (with the littlest bird still in it), added a little dish of water and fed the birds some bread. The parents were circling the box for a while and finally figured out where their nest was! At last check, the littlest bird had flown away.

Today was my early day, I got up at 4:45 to meet my group at Lifetime Fitness. We started out with a two mile run followed by a variety of weights - we did arms today - and then down to the basketball gym for sprints (18 lengths of the courts in all).

I was supposed to do 4 miles according to the GFA plan so when I got home I went to Mountain Park and did four loops around the one mile trail. It is amazing how easy that seems now. In January I remember negotiating with myself the whole way around. The track is marked in .10 mile increments so I would run a tenth and walk a tenth to begin with and could only do that for about a mile or so. Today, the four miles seemed like nothing. Quite the accomplishment compared to four months ago!

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