Sunday, April 27, 2008

I almost biked 25 miles today...

Almost because I drove to the Silver Comet Trail ( with the intention of biking. That counts for something, right? Get Fit Atlanta had a group bike run scheduled for this morning at 8:00 on the Silver Comet. The word was rain or shine, it was to be a 25 mile ride followed by some practice with cones. I got up at 5:30 to get dressed, load the bike in the car and allow lots of time to get there. I have never been out to the trail but knew it was an hour plus from my house and I wanted to get there by 7:30 for the bike check. I checked the radar. BIG blobs of green, some yellow, some orange on the map. It did not look promising. I did the map in motion to try and determine if there was any hope it might be clear by ride time. They said they were riding in the rain but this beginner has enough to work on without adding that element right now. Sprinkles I can handle but buckets of precipitation didn't sound too appealing.

After assessing the map in motion, I convinced myself that it *might* be clearing in time for the ride. I proceed to get dressed, load the bike into the car, load all my tennis gear and change of clothes into the car (I had a match at 1:00 near Chateau Elan - the other side of the world from the trail). I head out around 6:10, still pouring outside.

I passed more than a few Starbucks on the way that looked very dry and appealing inside. (Did I mention I was out until midnight last night at, of all things, a Bill Gaither concert? It was a five hour concert, I guess they want you to get your money's worth!). I am normally not a coffee drinker but this morning with the lack of sleep it seemed like something I might need. I resisted the urge and kept driving.

At 7:10, I pull into the parking lot - still pouring. No one in sight but who would be on a day like this??? Clearly, I was desperate for some biking advice or would not have been there myself. I am working off of a little over 5 hours of sleep, no one in sight, still pouring and no chance of let up. I decide to turn around and go home. This fair weather girl will try it again next week! When I got home, I found that they had cancelled the ride due to the downpour so maybe I am not the only fair weather one in the group!

As for the rest of the day, rain rain rain. Our last tennis match of the ALTA season was rained out. Another long drive today for nothing. This one was an hour drive north to Reunion in Hoschton, GA. According to ALTA rules, you have to drive there confirm it is raining, wait an hour and then reschedule the match. ugh! We opted not to wait the hour although by the time all arrangments were made it had almost been an hour anyhow.

On the bright side, it is the perfect day to catch up on the household chores that are so negelected of late.

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