Monday, April 28, 2008

Good News and Bad News

On the GFA training schedule I was supposed to do 35 minutes of easy running today. I had a playoff match tonight and since it was singles and I really do want to get to the finals, I decided not to run this morning. I got plenty of running in during my match tonight.

Tonight's match was the round of 16 in Ultimate Tennis (singles). I had the home court advantage; my home courts are clay and sometimes that really does work to my advantage. If someone has never played on clay before they aren't as confident in their game as if we were on a hard court surface. Most of the courts in Atlanta are hard court.

I followed my usual pre-match diet that seems to have worked for the past two matches (honestly, I am scared not to do it at this point!). The meal is an uncrustable sandwich (strawberry) and half a can of sugar free red bull (a whole can if I am really tired) . Last time I also had mini gummy bears but didn't have any at home so I had to take my chances without them. :)

Unfortunately the clay didn't seem to deter my opponent at all. She was practicing hitting winners in warm up (not good tennis etiquette but it does get in your head). I thought about asking her if she played Juniors like my last opponent but really didn't want to know the answer! I started off a little shaky and went down two games right off. I managed to come back and win the first set 6-3.

The second set she really came on strong. I was down 0-4 and came back to win 7-5. I had all sorts of training mantras in my head, eye on the ball, just keep it in play, let her make the mistake. It all worked. I did somehow manage to come up with several drop shots at the end by pure dumb luck that I think pushed her over the edge mentally. Not sure if I could replicate them again but I'll take it. On to the quarterfinals!

And that is the good news...

The bad news is that the quarterfinals have to be played this weekend. This weekend was my planned trip to Orlando for the Minnie Marathon Weekend and 15k race. I have to cancel my trip but hopefully it will be for a good cause - a trip to Ultimate Tennis finals! Another upside to the cancelled trip is that I may have another opportunity to get a long bike ride in on the Silver Comet Trail this weekend.

so... good news / bad news but I'll take it! No tennis tomorrow, just an early morning workout with DJ. I really ahve to figure out a balance between the tennis and the running. After Ultimate Tennis is over, I should have a less hectic tennis schedule - or so I hope!

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