Saturday, July 5, 2008

I think I got bit by the TRI bug

Everyone says it happens and it did. Even after the "iron girl incident" (which Rick says I should refer to as a motorcycle crash because it sounds cooler), I have this need to do it again, for a longer distance or a different course. I KNOW I can conquer this bike thing, I just have to get out there and practice to get more comfortable with gearing and increasing speed. It is frustrating because the other legs of the race are all me and how hard I can push myself for speed. The bike leg relies more on coordination and ability outside of how fast your legs can pound the pavement or how fast your arms can pull you through the water.

The consensus, with me and my many personalities, seems to be that I might need to give up tennis or at least really cut back. I know... Should I feel guilty for wishing that the team had not been invited to compete at the state championships?

Right now, tennis feels more like an obligation than something that inspires me so that might be the route I need to take to give myself some more time. For example, this weekend I am supposed to fit a 13 mile run in to keep up with preparation for Chicago. I ran with DJ and his group this morning because I really want to be ready for the 1500 but that was only a couple of miles at best (don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy, unless you enjoy running up and down about 25 flights of stairs in a stadium but it wasn't the 13 miles I needed). I had tennis immediately afterwards. Once I got done with that, it was really too late to think about running due to the temperature. I could do it tomorrow but wanted to get a long bike ride in. I could do it Monday but I would have to be running at 5 AM. It is a dilemma that I need to solve. Other people make it work. I just need to figure out how...

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