Monday, September 22, 2008

Back to Doctor Dude Tomorrow...

I can call him dude because he is young. Definitely not a bow tied, Orville Reddenbacher type of doctor :)

Last week I was hopeful that the visit tomorrow would be a non-event. My vision was that I would pop in, he would say I am good to go and I would be off and running. I my vision I might even leave the car in the parking lot and jog back to work. OK, maybe not since it is 15 miles away but it sounded good. I am pretty sure this is not the way it is going to go down tomorrow. Oddly enough after strictly following the rest and swimming only edict, my foot seems to bother me more now than it did initially. How is that possible...

I tried to do some deep water jogging this morning. It actually turned out to be more shallow water walking than anything. Although Lifetime has three gi-normous pools, none of them have what would be considered deep water. There are 2 indoor pools, one is your traditional gym sized lap pool which is about 3 feet deep all the way across. The other pool is a pretty big recreational pool, maybe 50 m by 25 m with 2 big water slides at one end. I had never ventured over to the water slide pool as I am typically pretty content with lap swimming. I wasn't sure how deep the pool was over there. I assumed it had to be somewhat deep for the kids to rocket out of the two story water slide into the pool without cracking their skulls open but clearly I was wrong. As it turns out, you don't need much water to avoid a head injury when you rocket out of those slides.

I was all prepared to run like madwoman (in water of course). I trotted past the lap pool, no goggles, no cap. I didn't need them I was going to run! I walk up to the deep end of the pool - 3 feet 9 inches - you cannot be serious! hmmm.... at this point I was committed. No cap, no goggles, I can't lap swim so I might as well just go ahead and throw caution to the wind and run "as is". Yes, it was not the deep water run I had envisioned. My feet obviously were running on the pool bottom. Oh well. I had good intentions and was committed to a work out. I am certain Doctor Dude would not approve.

After about 1,500 meters of running, as you soothsayers might guess, my foot was hurting and I had to get out. During all this "running" I had plenty of time to figure out plan B especially since I, being a soothsayer myself, can see a lot of swimming and nothing else in my immediate future. My plan was to give the running another try but at another facility that had deep water. I wanted to make sure it was even doable first before I showed up at one of the local parks to test out my new found water jogging skills so I decided to head to the outdoor pool at LFT. At this point it was 6:30 am, still dark out and oh, 65 degrees or so. Yes, some might call that cold, and I would agree - especially if you are walking out there wet to begin with. The water was pretty cold as well! As luck would have it the outdoor pool did have some water deep enough to try the jogging thing - a whole 5 feet and 1 inch deep - wow. I guess they really don't want anyone diving. It must be an insurance thing.

After hopping in with my jogger belt, I was able to give it the Girl Scout try. It was not fast jogging, if you can even call it jogging. It probably resembled more of a dog paddle. I am certain anyone who saw me probably thought they might need to throw me a life preserver. I gave it about 6 laps and called it a day. I definitely need some practice and some music to keep me entertained but will give it another try if doctor dude tells me tomorrow that I am still on the bench. I'll let you know.

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