Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Update

My weekend pretty much involved a lot of tennis. Some winning, some losing. My foot is paying the price today. I actually withdrew from the last match of my doubles tournament and then decided to forfeit my last match before my official rest period tomorrow night. The pain is still on the fifth metacarpal but now also feels achy in my ankle area which I suppose could just be radiating up from the cuboid area. Riveting stuff, eh?

I am in the midst of a mental breakdown of sorts for no apparent reason. I think the foot thing is starting to become less of a novelty and more of an annoyance to me. I am anxious to get this thing over with. Today I decided to back out of a singles tennis league that is beginning in three weeks just to give it more rest from tennis and then may back out of the entire ALTA season instead of just the three weeks that I promised my MD. The thoery being that when I am cleared to run I can start out with just the running instead of throwing myself back into everything all at once.

Not much else happening, the weekend went too fast as usual. Bummer! Back to work tomorrow to enjoy further complaints and commentary on the states of the new dress code. JOY!

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