Sunday, September 28, 2008

on gasoline and spaghetti sauce...

The gas issues here are crazy. I went to Publix this mornring, there was a huge line outside one station in our area that has gas. On the way back by there 2 hours later, they are completely out. They have gas station attendants serving as traffic cops trying to keep the peace and get people in and out of there somewhat efficiently. You know it is bad when you are calling people as you pass by gas stations to let them know which ones have gas. I have been lucky. The 2 times I have filled up, I went at 5:00ish in the morning and didn't have an issue.

Rick has been desperately in seach of premium today. He had planned a motorcycle road trip this week to Tennessee. At this point, not sure if he will go or not. The thought process at the momement seems to be that the smaller towns outside of Atlanta might have less of a gas shortage than we do but would hate to get out there and run out. Who knows... Is it just me or does everything seem to be coming to a screeching halt lately - gas, banking, ... sigh... Perhaps I would feel better if I didn't work in the banking industry!

Me: Did you hear Paul Newman died today?
Rick: No.
Me: I hope they don't stop making his spaghetti sauce. It is my favorite.
Rick: I hope they do stop making it. I prefer Ragu.
Me: What???? You know we have eaten Newman's Own for 18 years.
Rick: I know. I have always liked Ragu better.
Me: Wow... You think you know a person....

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Mary Elizabeth (MErider) said...

The gasoline shortages in your neck of the woods are truly frightening. The prices out here are ridiculous and generally keep going up. I am telling all my friends to buy bikes! You never know, and I fear things are only going to get worse before the pendulum swings back to a balanced economy.