Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ironman Louisville Training Week 18...

We are into the thirties now....   39 days!  Funny how these things seem so far in the distance one day and just around the corner the next.  

I am trying to remember even what I did last week.  Clearly it was QUITE memorable.  Or not.  Actually now that I think back I was having one of those mentally down weeks.  Nothing in particular but just EVERYTHING seemed to be gloom and doom.  Perhaps it is the ridiculously rainy weather we have had lately.  They are calling Atlanta the Seattle of the South - something like 40 inches of rain this year.  Craziness.  I had thought getting acclimated to the heat for Louisville would be a no brainer in GA over the summer but it has been oddly cool here lately.  So strange.  (and even stranger that I would sort of complain about such a thing...)

I am having a lot of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) this week.  My tennis team is in playoffs and crossfit is doing some kind of week long assessment.  Of course I don't want to miss out on either and really have no business trying to work that into the schedule.  But I will... against all advice of the logical people in my life of course.   :)   

I rested like a champ! 

Swim (AM):  2300 meters

Bike (AM) 21 miles
Crossfit (PM)

Run (AM):  5.75 miles

Bike (PM):  29 miles

Swim (AM):  3100 meters

Crossfit (PM)

Swim (AM):  2100 meters 

Bike:  72 miles

This is where the mental downer of a week reared its ugly head.  I was scheduled to do a century ride across town.  I knew going in it would be a small ride without a lot of participants.  I woke up and headed out around 4 AM to make the trek across town.  Got to the start and checked in.  I am looking around, there are about 10 cars in the parking lot.  There was a chance of thunderstorms later in the day and knew I would be pushing it to get done before the rain (if it came at all) and with the low number of participants I was pretty certain I would be riding by myself with likely no one in sight for most of the way.  In the end, I just wasn't feeling it and I turned around and went home.  Can't be mentally tough all the time, right :)

I had just heard someone say the other day that if you aren't feeling a particular workout, just don't do it.  No one needs to be a slave to the schedule.  Of course, you can't skip them all but every once in a while when you are just having "one of those days", your race is not going to suffer for having missed a swim, run or ride.  Not even one of the big workouts.  I actually needed to hear that....  I mean some days you feel like a hamster on a wheel going from one workout to the next and when you aren't working out (or dealing with the non-athletic side of life), you are packing your bags to go work out the next day.  It was nice to sort of be given the permission to cross something off the list with no regrets.  

I ended up crashing when I got home for a few hours and then headed out to Stone Mountain where I rode many, many loops around the mountain to get 72 miles for the day.  In the end, it was a great ride for me.  I got in some climbing and plenty of miles.  

Sunday:Run:  15 miles


Matthew Smith said...

I totally agree that it's ok to miss a workout here and there...even if it's a big one. The thing is, you still went out and rocked it on 72 miles! Good for you! Nice work on all the swimming, too! I'm definitely lacking in that department. :( Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me for a 100k ride that I signed up for. I showed up, and it was smaaaaaaaaaaall. I'm not confident enough to be alone on country roads in the middle of nowhere. I racked my bike and went to a 40 mile loop that I knew very well.
Not everything goes as planned when training, but staying flexible and open minded sure helps!

Unknown said...

:) Smart lady... don't force happiness on a long ride. If it wasn't meant to be, no big deal. You still got in a killer ride (riding loops has got to be harder than an organized century). LOU is coming fast. You are going to rock that race my dear!

ajh said...

Sounds like you made the right decision. Good for you.

Lindsay said...

umm yeah about this rain. this week we had the first day in like 2 months where it didn't rain at all. don't worry, the next day it went right back to noah's ark status. i mean, it's been nice to not be 9billion degrees and not have my lawn die off by june 2nd, so i'm not really complaining :) the FOMO is hard to resist!! i totally know that feeling.