Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ironman Louisville Week 17...

These weeks are seriously flying by...  45 days! 

This week I took off of Crossfit.  No particular reason other than the 4th of July was in the middle of the week there and got me off schedule.  I kind of treated this like a recovery week.  We have had a ridiculous amount of rain here so riding outside has been tough.  My next long ride is Saturday which is supposed to be a century.  Hoping the storms will hold off for me! 

In nutrition news...

I am still trying to hit on something that will work for race day that isn't too far removed from my daily way of eating (the whole no sugar, no grains thing).  I tried a product called UCAN a month or so ago and like the way it worked at first; however, the taste is not the best and after a couple of weeks I couldn't even choke it down.  I moved on to Infinit from there which actually worked OK but I am not crazy about the sugar content AND not crazy about how that stuff splashes all over my bike from the aero bottle and makes it a sticky mess.  

For this weekend's ride, I think I am going to go back to what I did in my last iron distance race and that is a combination of water/Nuun for hydration along with either picky bars or amrita bars and macadamia nuts.  Last October I used Bonk Breakers and these bars are similar and I like the ingredient list better.  Can you believe my first iron race I fueled with GU gels from start to finish?!?!?!  I had every flavor they made and I choked one down every 45 minutes for 13 hours.  That is a lot of GU and if I never eat another one it will be too soon.  Surprisingly enough, after all that consumption, I actually still used them up until January.  For the run leg I am planning on fueling with mostly Huma Gels which I love, love, love (but not enough to eat them for 13 hours...  just sayin)!   

Run (AM):  20 miles!  Boom.  Was so glad to get this one checked off.  I wasn't feeling great about my distance until this day so there might have been a post-run victory dance when I reached the car.  :) 

Swim (AM):  2400 meters

Run (AM):  5.2 miles

Run (AM):  6.2 miles  

This was the Peachtree Road Race.  We were supposed to be in a downpour the whole race but the clouds parted and the weather was actually nice.  I know a lot of people (myself included) had course PRs because of it.  I managed to pull off a 53:11 which is 4 minutes faster than I have done previously at that race.  Color me shocked and amazed!  
Bike (PM):  30 miles

Doesn't it look dreary?

The miracle of running into people you know at the start since there are only 60,000 runners in the race!

Swim (AM):  3500 meters 

Bike (PM):  18 miles

Tennis.  Again.  I feel bad, they keep putting me in the lineup and I keep losing.  My game just isn't 'all that' right now...   oh well, bigger things on the horizon! 

Bike (PM):  30 miles  Trainer ride.  Nothing but rain happening here lately...

Bike:  15 miles
Run:  18 miles

This workout was a bike sandwich which is actually one of my favorite things.  You run 12 miles, then bike 15 and run another 6 miles.  Unfortunately, with all the rain we have had here lately, the trail where I planned to have this sandwich was closed due to flooding.  It just seemed easier to take this indoors so all the run was done on the treadmill and the bike ride on the trainer.  CR says it builds mental strength.  I agree :)


ajh said...

Nice job on the PR. And that sounds like way too many gus. Eww.

Matthew Smith said...

Karen, I can't believe how you freaking rock the Ironman training! Way to go! You're absolutely killing it! You'll have to come back out on the course after you're done and have taken an ice bath to drag me the last few miles. Keep up the good work!!! You amaze me! :)

Carolina John said...

I've got some bike sandwiches coming up in my build phase. starting very soon. Solid week! Yea race day is going to be here before you know what happened.

Michael said...

Have you considered making your own food?? Just wondering. I actually just ordered the book Feed Zone Portables by the people who make Skratch an all natural sports drink.

I haven't actually tried anything, but I really like the idea of it...and some are supposed to be easy enough to make that you can make them in your hotel room.

You are killing the training! You are gonna rock Louisville!

B.o.B. said...

NIce job Kdub. You are kicking it. I want to try those gels you so love. You order them online or what? Let a BAMF know.

Jenn ( said...

Looking Good!! 45 days...I freak when I see 17 weeks!! I can't believe you're still able to work in CrossFit!! And ck out your arms!!! You're doing an awesome job...I'm embarrassed!!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, Gu from start to finish, yeah, I can see how you don't want to use those anymore!
You get a good variety of cross training in there! I haven't played tennis in years because I'm so swim/bike/run/repeat! I'll have to try more variety next go-around, if there is a next :)