Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ironman Louisville Week 19...

ONE month to go!  This week was a little "off plan" in that I chose to participate in some testing at Crossfit.  Basically it was 5 day session of performance testing to see where we were on various lifts, exercises, etc.  It may not have been the wisest choice considering I have an IM looming but I loved every exhausting, sweaty minute of it!  

The interesting thing about Crossfit is that while, yes, it is giving me some much needed strength it is also a great lesson in learning to focus on yourself and not worry about what everyone else is doing or thinking.  It is SO easy to compare yourself to others there.  I might be lifting 65 pounds for something and the girl next to me is doing twice that amount.  In the beginning it was hard not to feel overwhelmed or that maybe I wasn't doing the various things correctly.  After a few sessions, you just learn that everyone is too busy working on their own things that they aren't giving you a second thought.  You just let it go and do your thing.  (and if my form really is that bad, a coach will come over and straighten it out...  ha ha)   A life lesson that I really need to carry with me outside of Crossfit!  

...  and on to training:  

Crossfit (PM)

Swim (AM):  2700 meters

Bike (AM) 25 miles
Crossfit (PM)

Run (AM):  5 m
Crossfit (PM)

Bike (AM):  30 miles

Run (AM):  10 miles
Crossfit (PM)
Crossfit (PM)


One of my tennis teams made playoffs so I had a playoff match Saturday morning.  If you don't win you are out of playoffs (if you do win, you play the next day).  We did not win so I took the rest of the day off instead of trying to cram in a short ride which was the plan had we won.  Let's just say I wasn't all that disappointed in the loss...  ;)

Bike (AM):  50 miles  Part of me thought I should ride a little more but then again with all the extra activity from Crossfit I tossed in this week, the other part of me decided to call it good at 50 miles.  Know when to say when!  

This weekend I have another century ride.  I am headed over to Alabama as century rides in July are few and far between in the south!  Way too hot!  I am excited about this one as it seems to be well organized and a lot of fun.  I'll try to actually have pictures next time :)


Matthew Smith said...

One month! Yikes!!! We've got this, Karen! It'll be a piece of cake, right? :)

Carolina John said...

that's a lot of crossfit to only have one month to go.

I've got a local century ride coming up in august that's typically pretty hot. going to be a wild time.

Jenn ( said...

1 month!! woo-hoo!! IMFL hit 100days today...eeks!!!
Are you doing the Hot 100 in Tuscaloosa?? Its Saturday....I wanted to drive up, but too much going on with fall camps/school starting....
Enjoy the safe!!