Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lots of good things....

You know, my day started off badly yesterday (if you count a bottle of shower gel exploding in the bottom of your gym bag bad - UGH!) and then ended up to be one cool thing of varying degrees right after another. I did a swim workout yesterday AM. When I got in my car at the gym, my younger sister called. She and my brother in law operate a Chick-fil-a in Clearwater, Fl. They have been trying to get back to Georgia for a while and found out yesterday AM that they were going to be awarded a store in Covington, GA and are moving back here in two weeks! Very exciting!!

Then... I am at Panera getting my new favorite treat the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich when the person working there offers me two of their egg souffles for free! Side note, do not eat the breakfast sandwich unless you want to become addicted too... I do have addiction issues albeit they are limited to food and exercise. OK, I might be a little OCD too.

Then... I am at my doctor's office waiting for my follow up and am watching the Olympics. The only race that came on while I was waiting was the ONE race that I had been dying to see - Eric Shateau's heat race in the 200 breaststroke. (He took 2nd in the heat but don't think he did as well in the semis... my other girl, Kathleen Hersey made the final for the 200 fly). They had one lap to go when the PA came to get me and I asked her if we could watch the race finish.

Then... The conversation started off sounding as though my doctor was not going to allow me to play tennis this weekend. As I sat there silently waiting for the verdict, he mumbled something about thinking about telling me not to play. I then got a scared straight lecture about what could happen to further damage the bone, what would my team think if I went out there and had to retire the match, etc.
In the end, it was decided I could play as long as I stopped immediately if there was any pain. I was given a metal plate of sorts for my shoe and some sort of pad that basically goes under the arch of my foot. He said I could start practicing over the next couple of days easing into the side to side running to test it out. All good news to me. He was much more concerned with the tennis as opposed to the running. He said he felt like I could run fairly comfortably at this point, he was more concerned about cutting, side to side motion of tennis.

I got to see the MRI and the fractures which was pretty cool. One is the cuboid which is kind of near the ankle somewhat on top and then one in the 5th metatarsal (I think).

We had a discussion about Chicago. I had already kind of written it off. Timewise, I just don't see how I could build back up to 20-22 miles in the next 2 months if I have to start back over. He felt I could do it if I really *had* to but I might not be able to walk for a week afterwards (HA). He did mention possibly doing it as a training run and just running half although what would be the point in going that far to do that? We even went so far as to look at the calendar and map out training plans for mileage based on the weeks I had left. It was kind of odd as if he were trying to talk me into it. I definitely am not running the entire distance at Chicago but am still not sure if I will go and run half/walk half or just scrap the whole thing. I am interested to go just to experience Chicago. We'll see...

Before I left, I was shown some strenghtening exercises for my hips and glutes to try and help avoid similar situations in the future. Really helpful.

All in all a great day! I leave tomorrow for state. Feeling pretty good although I have not played tennis in what feels like forever at this point. Everyone says sometimes laying off for a while is the best thing for your game. I'll let you know. :)

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Kevin said...

Sounds like some great news all around. You might want to consider doing a run walk. Maybe alternate 5 min run/5 walk the entire race