Thursday, August 21, 2008


Wow, it has been a while since I have logged in... State was fun. A good time was had by all! The format was round robin for the first 4 matches and then the winner from each group went to semis and finals. We did not make it out of the round robin. Ideally, you need a roster of players who are on an equal skill level so you can swap them around in the line up or you need extra players so everyone is not playing back to back matches. We had neither of these "ideal" scenarios. By the 4th match on Saturday afternoon, I think we were starting to lose some steam (or at least I was - it was particularly hot for that last match). We did have a great time and were proud to be chosen to participate.

We met an interesting couple on bicycles at the last match. At first we thought they were Amish or Mennonite as they were in homemade long sleeve denim clothing / long denim dress for the lady. As it turns out they are "Jewish fruitatarians". (who even knew that there was such a thing). They were in their 70s and said they can bike up to 180 miles a day. They eat 2 meals a day - one at 4:30 am and the second at 1:00 pm. The meals consist of fruit and homemade bread with no preservatives. The meal they had that day was 2 peaches, a handful of nuts and bread. They do not drink water until 1 hour after their meals and do not eat snacks of any kind. All very interesting. The husband said the wife was "roly poly" when he met her and the fruit diet melted the weight off (I am guessing the extensive bike riding didn't hurt either). All in all, fascinating. I certainly couldn't do it so props to the fruitarians.

Foot update. I played 4 matches over the course of the weekend and my foot felt decent. I wore the metal plate and padded insert as recommended by the doctor and then continued to wear the boot in between. It is still not right. It gets a little achy after activity. I have been running on it and haven't had a lot of issues, just the general achiness. It occured to me earlier this week that the docto and I spent so much time focusing on the shoe set up for my matches and running that we didn't discuss whether or not I needed to continue to wear the boot. I decided that I would continue for maybe the next week or so just to give it some rest in between activities. I have decided to scratch Chicago and *might* scratch the Callaway Tri but am not sure. That one I probably could do just fine but mentally I feel like I am out of condition which is kind of whacko because I have been swimming and biking more than ever and could easily pull the run together. The distances are a 1k swim, 30k bike and 8k run. It will be a last minute decision.

Side note - congrats to my sister, Stephanie on completing her first marathon this weekend in Alaska :)

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