Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maybe that doctor was on to something...

I am not sure why but ever since my conversation with the doctor yesterday my foot has been hurting more than it has in weeks. Perhaps it is some sort of divine intervention to convince me to stay off of my foot as directed... We did agree that I would give it 3 weeks rest beginning Monday (I had to bargain for one last weekend of tennis - I am in a tournament over Labor Day). I will say it is hurting like no other right now. I am going to rest Friday and then tough it out through the tournament. I did wear the boot yestrday which is not my favorite choice of shoe but what are you going to do? I miss my strappy heels :(

I swam this morning and there were actually other people in the pool! Shocking considering I am usually the lone swimmer in this huge facility witht eh exception of one or two people soaking in the whirlpool. LFT has two indoor pools, one is a standard lap pool and then they have this huge pool with waterslides that they use for water aerobics and kids activities. Insanely nice.

I did check into a masters program at LFT. Apparently they meet T and TH at 5:30 am. I will have to make sure I am there at that time to check it out. It might help keep me motivated for the next three weeks and who knows maybe improve my butterfly in the process!

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