Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Three days until state...

I am starting to get excited now! We had our final practice last night and everyone was able to come out except for one person who has an Achilles issue (YIKES!). We have a very slim roster so any mention of injuries sends everyone into panic mode. On the girls side we have a spare or two but, for the guys, we have the absolute minimum number of players meaning we need every guy for every match this weekend.

The format is round robin Friday, Saturday and the first part of Sunday. All of our round robin matches are Friday and Saturday (we play twice a day) and then we have a BYE for the Sunday AM match. If we make the semi-finals Sunday afternoon, that will work in our favor as we will have plenty of rest going into it whereas the other teams would have played Sunday morning. That is the plan anyhow, we will see how it works out. The goal is finals on Monday.

The downside is I am going to miss the Olympics most of the weekend! I am completely addicted to watching it and have been staying up insanely late each night. It is funny how you end up watching sports you normally would have ZERO interest in during the Olympics but still can't manage to tear yourself away from the screen. Of course, I am all about the swimming year round but things like fencing and rowing - if those were on any other time except the Olympics, would you watch it? Ummm, probably not.

There are a couple of swimmers that used to train at Swim Atlanta. They have a tradition of painting the top swimmer's names in big letters on the wall there - Eric Shanteau and Kathleen Hersey. I have been swimming past their names for years so I am trying to follow their progress during the games. As I sit here, I can't remember Eric's event but Kathleen is 200 Fly. Eric is the swimmer you may have heard of who was diagnosed with testicular cancer right before the Oly trials. Quite the story. GO TEAM!

As for the foot. I go for a follow up today. It feels decent. I can tell there is something not 100% with it but wouldn't call it pain, I am just aware of it on occasion. Much better, I would say. I am still wearing the boot...for now.

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