Sunday, August 24, 2008

Watch where you spit!

The lesson for today is guys (and some gals), give a quick look before you spit! I narrowly missed having a spitwad land on me this morning at Stone Mountain. (YUCK!) I was coming up on this guy with headphones on so I am sure he couldn't hear my feet or my gasping for air next thing I knew I saw the telltale look and a turn to the right. If it weren't for my lightening quick reflexes, well you know... I did find an interesting link on the subject if you are on the fence as to whether or not you need to let the spit fly during a run on A Trail Runner's blog. If you must spit, please look before you leap. My public service lesson for the day.

I chose to do my long run at the mountain today for a few reasons. The main one being that once you get started on the loop, you pretty much have to finish. You can finish walking but you have to finish. Not like the one mile loops at the park where you have to talk yourself out of getting in the car each time you pass by. I ran a little more than the 4 miles I planned - not much it was around 4.5 and then walked to finish the 5 mile loop. I can't lie, it was hard. I don't know why. Maybe because I got a late start, maybe because I haven't run in a while. Don't know, I just know there was a lot of internal negotiation going on to make it up the hills and finish. I felt good until mile 3.5ish and then was starting to get tired. With the walking, I was doing about a 6 mph pace overall with some downhill bursts around 8.6 mph. (Something I learned from watching the women's Oly triathlon - don't slow yourself up on the hills, just let it fly. Apparently, it takes more energy to hold yourself back than to just fly down the hills. I was actually more fun that way too). The run leg of my triathlon next week is an 8k (a little less than 5 miles) so I think I can manage it. I am definitely feeling better today about it than I was yesterday. The race will not be a PR by any means but just one to finish.

I accomplished a lot today. I signed up for a new tri in Douglasville that sounds interesting. It is backwards from the traditional format. It starts with a 5k trail run, goes to a 12 mile bike and then finished with a .25 mile swim in a pool. I also signed up for the Buckhead Sizzler to try and get a decent qualifying time for the Peachtree next year. I cancelled my reservations for Chicago (sigh..) but found a great rate on a hotel for Disney (YAY!). Now I am off to get a calendar so I can get a handle on my newly revised training schedule. I am definitely more motivated now and feeling like I am back on the program!

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Marcy said...

OMG that's so nasty! Surprisingly I have yet to spit on the run. I think I've done just about everything else though LOL