Sunday, May 18, 2008

and just like that vacation is over...

I had envisioned this shot to have the beach, sun and surf in the background but it is hard to get that from my patio. One too many visits to resulted in cancelling the trip to the beach. Convinced that it would rain more than half the time we were there, it seemed like a better idea to stay home. I was a little disappointed but truly am just as content doing things around here so it was not the end of the world.

Thursday morning, I got up early to meet DJ at LFT at 6:00 am. He was not there only a workout buddy of mine, Meg, and a message from him to hit the stairmaster for 45 minutes and do 200 crunches. If Meg had not been there, I probably would have gone back home and gone to bed. A 6:00 am start is asking a lot from someone on vacation. We managed to make it to end without either of us falling off the stairs which is quite a feat. It ended up being a little over 4.5 miles when the 45 minute mark rolled around.

Later that day, I went over to Fleet Feet and got sized up for new shoes. I never really had been properly fit and was getting blisters on the end of my toes at the end of long runs so I thought it would be a good idea to have a professional opinion on my size. As it turns out, I was wearing a full size too small. I got some more Saucony's which is what I was wearing before but went up a full size in the shoe and in a wide width. At the shoe store I was having flashbacks to the time I quit gymnastics around the age of 5 or so after a fellow gymnast stepped on my toes and proclaimed them to be "fat". Luckily, the salesman didn't seem to be judging me for going to a wide width shoe. In fact, he was very nice and gave me some free samples of the Luna chews (like Clif shot bloks but smaller pieces and less gummy).

Friday I volunteered at the NCAA Division III Golf Championships at Chateau Elan. Apparently, they were somewhat desperate for help. I know this because when I arrived they were asking the parents in attendance if they wanted to volunteer and when I arrived at the first hole some of the coaches questioned my ability to handle the task. I was asked to be a standard bearer for one of the groups. The "standard" for me to bear looks like this one. Imagine me holding it like a flag in a parade of golfers.

Basically, this entails keeping up with the cumulative scores and toting a 5 to 8 pound sign while walking the 18 holes with the players. It would not have been bad except that it was extremely windy. As you might imagine the sign became like a sail in the wind and was difficult to handle. I was actually more worried about getting the scores right. Luckily I knew a tiny bit about scoring from my other volunteer gigs that involved golf so it wasn't as bad as I had imagined. The players were very nice, the parents offered me snacks and water and the NCAA officials were very thankful which is all I really need :) Technically, I was not running but carrying a gi-normous sign in 20-25 mile wind gusts is going in my training log. I am guessing it was about 4-5 miles for the whole course.

Saturday I brought out my inner Annie Oakley.

I went skeet shooting at the South River Gun Club in Covington (yep, you heard me). I had been skeet shooting once before but that was probably more than six months ago. I actually have my own shotgun, a Beretta 3901 12-gauge. It was a nice day, not too hot and had a good time. My best round was 13 out of 25. Not too bad for the second time.

Which brings me to Sunday. My last day of vacation (SOB, SOB, SOB). Maybe I should check the numbers on that lottery ticket I bought last week.... Today was pretty uneventful, I did a barbell strength class this morning followed by a three mile run. Starting tomorrow, I have got to get back on the schedule - three weeks until my first triathlon!

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