Thursday, May 1, 2008

My secret pre-match meal failed me...

I don't know how it could have happened but I lost in the quarterfinals tonight. I had my uncrustable, my red bull, my lucky outfit. What could have happened?? To quote Master Wong from Balls of Fury - I did not finish my lessons, I have no backhand (or didn't tonight anyhow).

Seriously, my opponent was extremely consistent. Very few errors. Did I mention she won the city championship last season? We had a lot of long rallies, it was really a matter of who had the most patience. Clearly she did. :) It was great to get that far; I made it to the final 8 out of 64 players in the playoffs, not too bad.

It took me one hour and forty-five minutes to get to her courts! I left at 5:00 and pulled in to her subdivision at 6:45 - that is Atlanta traffic for you... Luckily the ride home was only an hour (still a long drive but seemed much shorter after the ride out there).

No other activities to speak of today. Hopefully, now that I am out of playoffs, I can get back to a regular workout routine. Tomorrow is supposed to be a day of rest according to the GFA plan so I might take that advice and get back on schedule Saturday with the group run.

Side note, Brooke did get voted off American Idol last night... Jason Castro (dreadlock guy) needs to go next!

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