Thursday, May 22, 2008

This sure does require a lot of laundry

I realized today that all this fitness has an unintended side effect. I am constantly doing laundry! I either need to invest in 8 pairs of running shorts (the T-shirts seem to be in abundance) or prepare to do laundry every other night when I get home. Hmmm... maybe I need to rethink this marathon thing! :)

This week, the official plan called for the following workouts in order to get me ready for the triathlon on June 29th:

M: Bike 60 minutes, Swim 500 yards
T: Run 4 miles, strength training
W: Run 4.5 miles
T: Swim 600 yards, Run 3 miles, 200 crunches
F: OFF (I have a tennis match and will prob try to work in some biking)
S: Run 7 miles
S: Bike 60 minutes

At this point, I am modifying the plan so that I keep up with the increasing mileage for the marathon as well as work on the triahlon legs. This week has been pretty easy to get the workouts in since I have not had any tennis (I didn't realize it until I looked at my mileage logs!) Next week all of that will change as three of my tennis leagues start for the season. I have done pretty well with the plan so far this week. My goal was to get back on track after vacation. Mission accomplished!

My first triathlon is in two weeks. YIKES! I realllllly need to practice the transitions once or twice (going from swim to bike and bike to run). I feel very unprepared for this first race. The idea behind the race in 2 weeks was to make me more comfortable during the Iron Girl at the end of June. I still would like to feel more prepared than I do right now even if this first race is a trial run. I am very confident in the swim and run; the transitions and the bike are the unknown factors at this point. I think I am actually starting to get nervous now that it is so close. Maybe I could calm my nerves by doing some laundry. UGH.

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