Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3 days and counting

Three more days until my first triathlon - yikes! (I mean YAY!) Actually, I am getting excited. I have yet to make my packing list of things I need to bring or figure out how to set up my transition zone to make it most time efficient but I am starting to feel confident about my ability to do well on Saturday. I took the day off from "official exercise" to rest. It was a painful decision as to whether or not to get up and work out. I think I have addiction issues... or something seriously wrong with me. I guess there are worse things to be addicted to besides exercise. I did enjoy sleeping until 6:00. :)

I received the official e-mail from the race director. - the swim is on! The lake is low but there will be a swim leg which I am thankful for since that is my best leg of the race. With the drought conditions, there was some question about the ability to have an open water swim in Lake Lanier. Apparently the levels are high enough to make it happen. I am not looking forward to my feet touching the mucky bottom of the lake upon entry and exit - UCK!

Yesterday, I hit some tennis balls after work. K-swiss has started up again and my backhand did not magically become reliable as I had hoped so I enlisted the help of a professional. Luckily, I help out a lot with the junior tennis tournaments so I can get the occasional lesson for free. This particular guy who helped me really didn't have to do it for free but he did to be nice so MUCHOS GRACIAS to Vanaka!

The extra practice helped as I played my first K-Swiss match tonight and won pretty easily, 6-1, 6-2. My backhand wasn't 100% better but I could tell it had improved so I was glad I took the time to practice yesterday. I am playing the role of sacrificial lamb at line 1 singles on a higher level team Sunday so hopefully I can do as well in that match. I think the best I can hope for is to not embarrass myself.

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