Sunday, June 15, 2008

Great weather - great day!

It was a little warm this morning as I headed to Stone Mountain for my run but not nearly as I hot as I had expected. I think the temperature was somewhere around 80 degrees at 9:00. I opted for the long loop around Stone Mountain today. It was the first time I ran that route; I enjoyed it. The route is less traveled than the loop around the base of the mountain and has a fair amount of shade which is nice. I started off at the parking lot where you walk up the mountain and then ran in the direction of the "great lawn" where they have the laser show. I took a left behind the hotel and then a right back on the main road towards the gate eventually making my way past the golf course, the camping area and Evergreen conference center. The road eventually ends at the base of the mountain and then I just continued on back to my car. All in all a great run. I would definitely do that route again.

There were loads of people there today walking, biking and rollerblading around the mountain so it was a good day to break away from the regular route and try something new. Stone Mountain for me is sort of my comfort zone for running. I find it very peaceful. I have been there THOUSANDS of times in my 39 years. It just feels like home. I pass by the "big rock", the place where I went to Girl Scout camp, the place we used to meet to get into costume for the navity play at Christmas, the sliding rock by the grist mill where we used to play in the water. Lots of memories.

I got to use my new Nike gadget today. It worked great! All in all, the run was 8.14 miles according to the foot pod. The cool thing is when you get done, you can download the run to your PC. My pace for the run was all over the place. The first mile I was running around 8:13, the 2nd mile I went up to 9:53 (not sure why) and then back to around 8:13 for the last miles. No wonder it seemed so hard today. I was going much faster than usual. It is good information, I obviously need to get a better feel for pace.

After the run, quick shower and then off to tennis. Today I played singles and won (the crowd roars...). Our team won the day, 4-1.

The workout plan this week:
18 mi Bike (or 75 minutes)AM Tennis PM (Monday)
750m Swim & workout with DJ in the AM, Tennis PM(Tuesday)
5 mile run + 700m swim in the AM and Tennis PM (Wednesday)
6 mile run & workout with DJ in the AM (Thursday)
10 mile run (Saturday)
and... a day or 2 of rest!

I'll let you know how it comes out. :)

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