Monday, June 2, 2008

I hate to brag but...

My Dad is cool. For 39.5 years or thereabouts I have been trying to get someone to celebrate my half-birthday. My Dad bought me a Wii (and accompanying Wii Fit) for my half-birthday (although he says it is not officially until July 11). So cool... He gave me the cash, now I have to scope out a place that has it. What a great half-birthday gift! YAY! YAY! YAY!

So this weekend, I went to a gun class. I have been saying that I wish I were really good at something. Yes, I do lots of things and am usually somewhere in the middle of the pack oh and I did win the state spelling bee for my particular school division in the 9th grade but I really want to be the "one to beat". I really had not envisioned shooting to be that thing (and still don't) although apparently I have some weird natural talent.

The class I went to is called "women on target" and basically teaches gun safety, how to shoot, etc. The $6 fee includes lunch, ammunition, class, and shooting a variety of guns (pistols, rifles and shotguns). The downside is the class was in Helen which is a lovely drive but it is also a 2 hour drive. I been around guns a total of three times before. Twice at a gun club and once at a pistol range. Mostly it involved me sitting and watching. I did some shooting but not all that much.

I arrived to the gun club which was down this gravel road with no markings so it was lucky I found it. The gun clubs I have been to have a nice cabin with indoor restrooms and air conditioning. This was not that kind of club. This has a covering over the pistol range and one port-a-potty (there were 40 women so you can imagine).

The class was OK - it was a little basic. "why do we call this a revolver?" ummm... because it revolves? sigh.... I was more interested in getting to the shooting. I learned the various parts of a cartridge, parts of a gun, etc. Since there were so many people there we had to take turns on the pistol range so I started out on the shotgun range shooting clay pigeons (they call them pigeons but they are orange clay discs that are flung up into the air for you to shoot).

After the shotgun portion I moved on to the pistol range. They had us shooting with 22s. I think I bored my instructor as I kept hitting the bullseye. Eventually, I had shot out the bullseye and the plywood behind it so that all the bullets were created divots in the ground behind the target. I was told by several of the instructors that people would pay me to show them how to be that consistent. So I guess that is my talent. It will probably not make me rich.

Here is a photo of me with my target. Disregard the holes at the bottom as they were with a 40 caliper Glock and I was tired at that point just firing off rounds. The Glock is quite loud and hard to control. (I sound like some kind of weapon freak don't I?). If you ever need a sharpshooter, give me a call... HA HA

On the fitness front, not much this weekend. We had our first match of the USTA season and I won 6-1, 6-1. I also did a brick (bike-run-ick!). I did a hill climb on the stationary bike for 12 miles followed by a one mile run. They say you should get used to running right after the bike as they are opposing muscle groups and it might be an odd sensation at first. It didn't seem that bad, I was able to maintain a 9:30 to 10:00 pace which is normal for me. I could have run longer but was short on time.

I did talk to someone Sunday AM who had done the "my first tri" last year. She said it was pretty hilly which I didn't want to hear but she did give me some good advice on the swim. She also said she had worn a wetsuit and was glad she did as it is chillier than you would think. I am still somewhat nervous about the event but am leaning more towards excited now versus scared of it like I was a week or so ago. Hopefully I can get some pictures to post.

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