Friday, June 6, 2008

Triathlon Eve

Tomorrow is the big day. Still excited, not all that nervous. My official fan and photographer bailed on me so am not sure how many photos I will get of the event. A little disappointing not to have a cheering section but I can't blame him. I have to be at Lake Lanier by 6:30 which means leaving the house around 5:45. All of that amounts to a lot of standing around for the spectators since the event doesn't start until 8:00.

Today is a day of rest. I was up entirely too late last night so the plan is to come home straight from work, figure out what I need to bring with me, pack it up and get to bed early, early, early.

The official distances for this event are a 500m swim, 12 miles bike and 3 mile run. I am pretty confident I can do it under 2 hours - hopefully better - just not sure of the timing on the bike leg.

**update since this morning... my packing for the big day didn't really go as planned. As it turns out, in a cleaning frenzy someone who shall remain nameless threw away my wetsuit along with a variety of other snorkeling and scuba gear. Luckily it has been 95 degrees here the past couple of days and I probably didn't need the wetsuit anyhow so I guess that helped make my decision about whether or not to wear it. I think I have everything together now, just need to load the car.

My photographer and cheering section has decided to attend the festivities after all so YAY on that front!

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