Monday, June 9, 2008

a day of rest, sort of...

Not much activity to report on Sunday. I did play a match for the "3.5" team Sunday morning. I was the sacrificial lamb at line one singles. I normally play "3.0" so this was a higher level team and a little out of my comfort zone. Normally the matches are played at 12:30 on Sunday but this day we played at 10:00 to avoid the heat which as supposed to be around 97 degrees.

As expected, I was overmatched. I must have done fairly well as my opponent invited me to join their team for the following season. I'll take that as a compliment :) By that time I was feeling the effects of the event the day before and was pretty tired so I do wonder if I might have done slightly better if I had more rest.

Another exciting turn of events on the tennis side of life.. I had captained a mixed team in the Fall which ended up going to the city finals. We didn't win the finals so we weren't exepecting to go to state. As it turns out, we were notified that we got a bid for the state championship in August! More news on that... we may or may not have enough players to actually go.

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