Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday update

I am really lagging this week. I took Monday off (shocking!). The intention when I hit snooze 800 times Monday morning was to go after work. Of course, once I got to work and it started getting close to 5:00 that seemed highly unlikely.

Today was better. I got up and went over to Suwanee Park. DJ was supposed to meet us there for a run. We waited... waited.... waited... no DJ. At about 6:10, someone we have run with before pulls up and announces she received a text and his car won't start, he had to call AAA. OK. We wait until 6:15, she decides to call him. He gives her directions for the run over the phone. I am a little annoyed at this point because I am on a tight schedule in the morning if I am to make it to work on time and lets just say this wasn't the first time this has happened. So off we run, 10 times around the park going up and down all the steps along the way. Pretty decent run, sloping uphill on one side, downhill on the other and then of course the stairs. It took about 45 minutes so am guessing it was around 5 miles in all.

Jump in the car, head over to Lifetime in a mad rush to get ready for work. DJ's car is there! What??? Who knows... Not worth worrying about, I did get a run in although probably not what I would have done had I known he wasn't going to show. As my friend Theresa says, I should get used to disappointment :)

Tennis match to finish off the night. Really easy.... 6-1, 6-0. YAY! I am first in my division but don't expect to stay there for long, I have a couple of tough matches coming up. Update on the USTA State Championships. I did get enough people on my team to commit to play so we are going to be competing in Augusta in August.

I am starting to get a little nervous about the iron girl. I fluctuate between nerves and excitement. Right now I am feeling nervous. I think mostly because the participants are mostly experienced triathletes (they have done more than the ONE previous triathlon like me). The bike is starting to freak me out again. I started worrying about the mechanical issues today and how if something does goes wrong someone will just have to pick me up as there is no repair I am going to be able to take care of roadside. Maybe I can get the number for AAA from DJ. HA HA. I am going to bike/swim in the AM so hopefully the nervousness will pass.

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