Sunday, May 4, 2008

and that leads me to Sunday...

Again, talked myself out of meeting with the group. This group is the one alllllll the waaaaaay acrooosssssss towwwwwnnnn. Over an hour just to get there. Does anyone blame me for not wanting to jump up early to meet them at 7:30? I know... I needed the experience. I will have to get it another day.

I did accomplish things today! I took my bike out for a spin. Here is a pic. Just kidding... That is me but I don't have a picture of me on my actual bicycle. This is one of those pictures I pull out to motivate myself. You know, positive self talk - what happened to that cool girl? I digress. Here is the photo.

I am really procrastinating on the bike leg of my race. Oddly intimidated by it for some reason. With that said, I forced myself to take the bike out today. I think what has been holding me back is that to get out of my house, you have to start up a hill. I was hoping something a little flatter would magically appear.

I made it up the hill and set out for the main road, went past Mountain Park, down a side road towards an elementary school and back. All in all about 4.5 miles. It sounds wimpy but this was my first ride on a road with cars so I felt good about it and now I have a short loop mapped out that I know works for me. Only one brief encounter with a neighborhood dog. My right hand fell asleep towards the end. I must be applying the death grip. It was a good ride, I am definitely more comfortable now.

I discovered something cool last night called Map my Ride. There is also a Map my Run and Map my Tri. Pretty cool, you put in your coordinates on the map and it calculates mileage (which is how I know I did 4.5 miles).

After stowing away the bike, I went back out and did a 3.5 mile run. This time the dog stayed in the yard. It knew. I also discovered that one street over has a less severe hill so, on the way back, I opted for hill "lite".

One other exciting thing I discovered today. There is a new Disney race next year. Disney's Princess Half Marathon. I think there is a tiara involved... who needs a Minnie Medal? hmmm... registration opens tomorrow.

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