Sunday, May 25, 2008

Repeat Performance

The foxes made a repeat performance tonight. They were up close and personal, right on the back patio. They seemed undeterred that I was standing there watching which is a little disturbing. They are definitely young. The foxes were jumping and biting at each other, leaping on the picnic table, practicing lying in wait for prey. The pictures aren't all that great but you can see them better than the ones from yesterday.

I googled red foxes to see if I should call animal control or let it go. It basically said unless they had rabies, they would not attack. Mostly they are after rodents and my little bunnies that come out to eat the grass. It also said do not touch their droppings as it can be fatal. Something about eggs and intestines. Yesterday, as I was reading up on it, I could not imagine a scenario where I would touch fox droppings but today as they are frolicking on the picnic table I am thinking it could be possible to accidentally make contact and not realize it. YUCK!

So here are the photos. Again, not a professional and still wish I had zoom and/or one of those cameras that can take fast action shots as they were jumping all over the place...

This is probably the best photo of one of them:

This is extremely blurry since it was shot through the window but you can make them out jumping at each other on the right side of the picnic table:

Lastly, in these you can see the foxes practicing their lying in wait skills. One is on the corner of the patio, the other is on the far right by the trailer.


amygiella said...

Hey you! Saw the link to your blog on Stephanie's blog. Chris and I leave for Alaska on June 6th for a week cruise!!!

Karen said...

back at you brat... Have fun on the cruise. I will be here. blogging. Don't feel sorry for me :)