Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wednesday Night Bike Night

You are probably thinking by the title I *finally* put some miles on my bicycle tonight. Not the case... I went to a bike (as in motorcycle) night event at a local BBQ restaurant. The weather was great and they had a huge turnout - easily 100 bikes there. Bike night basically is an excuse for a ride. You ride to the restaurant hosting bike night to eat dinner, chat with friends and look at all the motorcycles. The picture above is me with one of my motorcycle friends, Bernie. His daughter is a part of Get Fit Atlanta and recently lost 80 pounds and ran her first marathon - WOW! Side note, Bernie told me I had not aged in 10 years. I think I will keep him on my friend roster. :)

On the workout front, I did 4.5 miles this morning followed by a 600 meter swim. I am still contemplating the entry into the Georgia Games. DJ proclaimed it to be "awesome" that I was even considering it so am feeling some pressure. My guess is there aren't that many people that enter so it might not be that bad.

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