Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Smog Alert

Not much to tell about Monday... Joan and I had tennis match tonight for our Monday night BMW league. Butts were kicked. Ours. We are getting tired of losing and are ready for a win. Unfortunately, lately we seem to be in the position of being the sacrificial lambs at the top of the lineup. We hope to change back to a winning streak in our tournament later this week!

We played out of Hudlow Tennis Center in Norcross. It was supposed to be halfway between our home courts and the homes courts of our opponents. Hudlow is located within a huge park; however, someone must live right next to the tennis center and this someone chose to burn leaves during our match. It was really difficult to breathe and I think we all left smelling like we had been around a camp fire. We even moved over one court in an attempt for better air quality. No such luck.

I realized yesterday that I only have 5 weeks until my first triathlon and really don't feel prepared. I think it is the biking that makes me feel that way so I will have to concentrate on some spinning classes in between my weekend attempts to hit the road. I printed the training logs off the internet hoping to inspire myself to get with the program. I got an early morning swim in at Lifetime. I say early morning, actually I was running late so I had to cut the workout in half to avoid being too late for work. I swam 1400 meters which isn't too bad; however, the plan when I went to bed the night before was to run 3 and *then* swim. At least I didn't scrap the plan altogether!

On tap for tonight - sleep!

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