Thursday, May 8, 2008

We finally won!

Quick update since Tuesday...

I ran 5 miles on Wednesday morning. I decided to loop Mountain Park 5 times. When I arrived, there was me and one other woman there. The other woman seemed to be looking for something. She approached me when I was getting out of my car to tell me her purse had been stolen the night before when she was walking around the park and if I saw it to turn it in to the maintenance shed. It was still dark outside so suddenly I was not feeling too comfortable running alone. The sun was starting to come up so decided to make the best of it and just be aware of my surroundings. As a result of being so aware, I discovered that ducks snore. Yes, they do. There are several that live in the pond at the park and they appeared to be in the tall grass growing out of the pond... snoring. All of them. It was quite loud but intersting fact to discover.

Wednesday night, Joan and I had a T2 match. We continued our losing streak. :(

This morning, I worked out with my group. We did 250 crunches then headed outside for a 3 mile run. Easy workout considering I am still having some difficulty straightening my arms out after our workout on Tuesday. (we focused on arms).

Tonight, Joan and I changed our ways. We won one! Tonight was round one of the Discovery Point Classic which is a charity tournament benefitting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Round two is Saturday @ 8:00 and the semifinals at 2:00. All of which means I will miss my run with GFA again. I am feeling terribly guilty since I have only run withe the group once since joining. I am also going to miss the Race for the Cure although my friend Theresa has promised to pick up goodies for me while she is there.

I am debating whether or not to workout tomorrow. I might do a day of rest.

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