Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Training Update

It has been so long since I made an entry I am having a hard time remembering my activities for the past few days...

Day of rest. I definitely need to get on some sort of regular sleep pattern. If I don't go to bed early/on time Sunday night by the time Friday rolls around, I have a hard time functioning. I did get started on my vacation early and took off work at noon. I had a certificate for a massage that was to expire this month so I used it to get some kinks worked out. Apparently, I had a lot of kinks as there was some pain involved - but a good hurt I guess :)

Up early for the next round of the Disovery Point tournament, well, it was supposed to be early. I have to set two alarms because I have been known to turn one off and not get up. This night, the electricity went out so my back up, bettery operated, alarm woke me up. The back up alarm is set for the last possible minute I can get up and still get there on time so it was a panic when I heard it go off.

I made it out the door on time more or less. I had to stop at Burger King on the way for eats (I was desperate). The lady at the drive through must have seen the tennis gear and wished me luck. I took that as a good sign! I got to check in at 7:45 right on time.

There is so much to tell about our match Saturday morning. The short version is we lost in 3 sets. One of our opponents was mentally annoying. A lot of pre-match, during match, after match stretching. Really slow on the changeover and constant talking/strategizing/coaching her partner during every point. We were the better team we let her get in our heads. A little disappointing as we usually do well in this tournament. On the bright side, they do throw a nice player party which we attended that night.

I got up and caught a 9:30 barbell class at Lifetime. You use a barbell and a variety of weights for group strength training. Great class. I would go back if I can fit it into my schedule. I still feel the effects of it as I sit here this morning.

My first official day of vacation! I got up and went to Lifetime. Today's goal was to work in a 10k (it was supposed to be on the 10th but like got in the way). I participated in virtual event hosted by Nancy. On Satruday, I thought about it and for some reason thought it was on Sunday. Oh well, I got it in... late. The plan today (and the rest of this month) is to concentrate on the trithlon training schedule since those are the closer races. The task was the 10k for Nancy's event followed by a 500 swim. I actually think I was supposed to swim first according to the official chart but I don't think Lifetime wanted to see me tooling around the gym like a wet rat on a treadmill.

The plan for the 10k was just to finish it. I don't enjoy treadmill running all that much as it seems to take so much longer than a run outside since there are less distractions. I brought the i-pod, tuned into Regis and Kelly and knocked out the 10k in 58:23.

On to the swim. I decided to stick to lap swimming for the 500. I have a 1000 workout plans for swimming but today it seemed a better idea just to get the laps in. As I started, I was thinking the reason the triathlons start with the swim must be to keep people from drowning out of fatigue. I was hoping the guy next to me knew CPR. Seriously, it was not all that difficult even after the 10k so it gave me some confidence at my endurance level for the triathlons. The worst part as always is just counting down the laps. A good exercise in trying to get the two legs of the race in and I am glad I made myself do it.

Monday night, we had a tennis match for our USTA league. We managed to get a win so Joan is now officially off of suicide watch:) The summer leagues start up in a couple of weeks and I think they are going to be tough as we have moved up to a higher level. There might be more suicide watches in the future...

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