Thursday, May 29, 2008

Training Update

Not a lot of interest going on although I suppose that is relative. I have much going on at work that is quite stressful but my friend Theresa proclaimed it "un-blogworthy" and I agreed as I prefer to not think about work while I am not there.

So far this week, I have essentially followed the plan minus the swimming. My week has looked something like this:

Monday: OFF! Much time spent at the pool... in a chair, reading a book.
Tuesday: Individual work out with DJ. Lots of weights & stair climbing.
Wednesday: Spin Class (60 minutes) followed by 2 mile stair climb & ab work
Thursday: 4.5 mile run *Fartlek (my new word for the day) + tennis match

*Fartlek: Derived from the Swedish term that means ‘Speed Play’, fartlek can provide an excellent endurance and strength session, as well as help improve your speed and race awareness. Fart=speed and lek=play

The use of 'fartlek' came about to provide a less structured approach to that of interval training. Its origins and use were developed in the 1930's. Whereas, in interval training the structure prescribes a given distance run in a given time with a given rest, fartlek's approach is to have you run at a given time, 2 minutes for example over undulating terrain or flat wherever your run may take you. The effort prescribed can be at 10k race pace to whatever speed you wish to make your effort. The rest in-between is normally at an easy pace to allow recovery before the next effort.
Now you know...

Instead of running the 2 minutes race pace/2 minutes below race pace, I chose to run race pace and then sprint the alternating 2 minutes. I enjoyed it and it helped keep my mind occupied so I did not get bored with the running. At the time I didn't know I was doing a "fartlek" workout so it was pure coincidence I ran across this word today.

On tap for tomorrow, workout with DJ @ 6.

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