Friday, May 30, 2008

My Bike

This is my bike. I picked it up on e-bay for next to nothing. I really should ride my bike. What am I waiting for? I have done a lot of indoor biking in preparation for the triathlon next weekend but I don't need an expert to tell me that is not quite the same. Sigh... no time to ride it this weekend so I will just have to hope for the best. I have so much to think about for the race next week. Setting up my transitions, do I need to wear a wetsuit, what do I need to bring with me, what have I gotten myself into???

Oh! and... if any of my friends would like to chip in and buy me Wii Fit, that would be cool with me :) If you don't want to wait until Christmas, my half-birthday is July 11th. (39.5 years old of course). :D That thing looks so fun! Of course, I would want the Wii tennis game too but can get that myself.

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