Sunday, May 25, 2008

Long Run

I am officially back on track now. Mentally, I was having a hard time getting past 5 miles. I am not sure why but even though I know I can do it and I know I have run over 13 in the past, I was still having a hard time getting back to anything over 5 since I had dropped back my mileage after the ING. Today I ran from LFT to Peachtree Ridge High School back to LFT, around Discover Mills mall and back to LFT. The area can be high traffic in spots but I ran fairly early so it wasn't too bad. The total mileage was right at 8 miles. YAY!

After the run, I hit the 9:30 barbell class and then spent a couple of hours reading by the pool. My own little "staycation". (For those of you who aren't up on urban lingo, a staycation is time off work or a holiday where you don't actually go anywhere but instead you stay around home and enjoy it just the same).

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