Friday, May 2, 2008

I have GOT to get back on the program

Today is officially an OFF day according to my GFA plan. It feels like every day this week has been an OFF day which is a problem! As I sit here now, I feel tired and not too enthused about getting up at 6:30 am to meet the group for a run. I am 80% talked out of going at this point (yes, I have lots of conversations and debates with myself - too many...). I feel confident though that if I do not go with the group I will make it to Stone Mountain. This week's scheduled run is 5 miles which is once around the mountain. I think sleeping in a bit and a nice run by myself (and my 8 other personalities) might be just what I need.

I don't really want to mention work here other than to say it has been hectic and stressful lately and today was no exception. In fact, I am probably going to go in tomorrow to try and get to some level of "caught up". Exactly why a nice, solitary run around the mountain sounds so appealing.

Guess what I did tonight?? Yep - TENNIS! Another T2 match with Joan. So far not much luck this season, we lost in 2 sets (6-4, 7-6). At least I did get some form of exercise in for the day.

I received my copy of Wingfoot this week. Wingfoot is the publication of the Atlanta Track Club. I joined earlier this year so I could get an advance entry to the Peachtree Road Race. They also host several free races throughout the year so it is worth the small fee to join. There were pictures from the Atlanta Women's 5K in the magazine one of which was of my tennis friend, Sarah.

According to the photo which was taken post-race, it would appear that Sarah does not sweat. Not fair! Every strand of hair was in place and not a drop of sweat. I am not sure if we can be friends anymore :) Side note, Sarah is also training for a triathlon. She is the one who told me about the event at Callaway Gardens. Maybe I can catch her sweating there. If not, I will have to pretend I do not know her (or maybe she will pretend not to know me - I will be a sweaty mess to be sure)!

Not only did I miss the Minnie Marathon weekend but I found out that this year is the last year they are having the event! The horror!!! I will never have a Minnie Mouse medal for my collection. (OK, I guess you can't call the one medal I have now a collection but there will be others...) I learned this while blog surfing tonight. It is a terrible addiction. It is surprising how many blogs are out there from self proclaimed non-runners, runner wannabes, and all other assorted categories of runners and triathletes in training. All very inspiring... Some have so many readers that companies are giving them free stuff so they will talk about it in their blog. I want to get in on that program!!!

I had a big DOH! moment earlier this evening. I can't do the Race for the Cure next weekend because I have a tennis tournament that runs from Thursday to Sunday. What was I thinking??? OK, I could do the run if we get eliminated but the plan is to win the finals! *SIGH* Maybe the time for the Saturday matches will be later in the day. The tennis tournament is a lot of fun and a great cause - Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. I was also looking forward to the Race for the Cure. In fact, I just received my number in the mail today. Bummer!

Two weeks to Myrtle Beach! No, not a big race. No, not a tennis tournament. A long weekend at the beach AHHHHHH! Wonder what that will do to my running schedule? It occurs to me now that if I don't go to the group run tomorrow, I will miss at least 3 weeks in a row of group runs. Not good... Maybe I will get up and go with the group tomorrow after all.

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